Friday, August 31, 2007

The Internet

The Internet shows us that the visible world is no longer a reality and the unseen world is no longer a dream.
Dreams, as the virtual world, are another reality, and the proof is that nightmares are intolerable.

When Less can be more

Very often the success of a company depends on the richness of means used to achieve it.
It is in this optic that AIMpromote is offering one of the best software to manage and aggregating leads.
AIMpromote is the best choice for increasing sales and improving business intelligence.
They offer the best solution for all of your lead aggregation, distribution and management needs. You do not need wasting time and resources designing DIY solutions.
You can sign up today and start trading leads in any industry tomorrow, just having a free trial and learning for yourself how AIMpromote will change the way companies look at customer relationship management software.
AIMpromote has a quite low cost of implementation and total cost of ownership.
You do not have setup fees, and they even integrate your system with your website free of charge. Also, the ease of using and learning of their lead management system, will increase the efficiency of your sales representatives.
With their software you will be able to:
- Sell any type of lead, in any vertical
- Manage accounting
- Sell a lead as many times as you choose
- Sell leads automatically
- Run ROI reports on all leads, campaigns, and/or website activity.

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Originality is the defeat of habit

"All of my best friends are bullets", would you like to be one of them?
Or "I've got razor blade lips..." Would you like to kiss them?

Or do you want to meet a Zombie princess?
Nothing easier.
Go to "goth dating", register, sign in and you're there and will find all the coolest goth guys you can dream of.
You can meet all the most extravagant and original "goth" people or you can upload your profile and just wait: if you belong to them, you will certainly be contacted, and what later?
I do not know, but I wish you all the best...

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci's copious notes on the proportion of the human figure cover every conceivable combination.
Here are a few: The span of a man's outstretched arms is equal to his height.
The ear is precisely as long as the nose.
The big toe is the sixth part of the foot.
From the chin to the starting point of the hair is a tenth of the figure.
From the junction of the palm of the hand as far as the tip of the middle finger a tenth part.
And from the pit of the stomach to the top of the chest is a sixth part.
And from the fork of the ribs as far as the top of the head a fourth part.
And from the chin to the nostrils is a third part of the face.
And the same from the nostrils to the eyebrows to the starting of the hair.
And the foot is a sixth part, and the forearm to the elbow a fourth part. Etc, etc, etc, etc...
I never checked, I blindly believe him.
As a matter of fact, whatever I do, I do it with my computer...and it doesn't care about proportions...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

All the taste without the calories

Isn't that great?
Being able to drink as sweet as we like (I mean the Real Taste), but with no consequencies for our weight (zero sugar).
I wish they could invent also something like Lasagne with all the taste of Lasagne, but with zero calories (and of course the REAL Lasagne's taste).
Or a wonderful chocolate cake, or a Tiramisu.
I would eat as much as I can and just forget about it.
Probably life would be too nice and too easy...
For now we have to be happy with Coke zero and just hope in a Sweeter Future...
In the meantime Coke is launching the Coke Zero campaign.
It reads like this:
It makes available to you some old black and white movies that you can use to make your own, changing the audio in a very easy way.
You can make a complete new movie, may be a funny one.
Isn't it thrilling to be a film director?
Then you post it and send it to your friends.
The one who is able to make the best (which is the best rated) wins.
So,the link is and the competition goes under the name "Life as it should be".


"I am not afraid of death, I just think it is a terrible waste of time."

Where style meets funcionality

An hand axe discovered in the Olduvai George in Kenia is over a million and a half years old.
No earlier artifact exists on earth.
In a world where tools might have been the most important thing made, their qualities were sometimes brought to a perfection far beyond the needs of practicality.
Craft, symmetry and elegance speak of pride in creation, pleasure in contemplation, prestige in possession.
That is exactly what you feel with Brown Leather Sleeper Sectional a "Soft and comfortable sofa set has all of the bells and whistles! Accompanied by a comfortable chaise lounge for big brother, two recliners for mom and dad, standard seating for the little ones and a sleeper sofa for overnight guests".
There is nothing accidental about the design. It is, on my point of view: The real evidence of style where all the needs of practicality are satisfied.
In the Furniture from Home website you can find every kind of furniture, quality that meets convenience, best leather furniture, best home office furniture.
If you add to it the first quality of materials used, the easiness to order it, the good price and the excellent customer service, you won't easily find the same at the same conditions.


Space is elastic.
You are conceived in a point which expands as you grow.
Eventually, when your time is up, you collapse and shrink back into a no point situation.
Now, this is going on, all the time, all over the world, so if space was a fixed quantity there would need to be a consistent ratio between life and death.
Obviously there isn't..
I am lost.
Anyway, to take possession of a piece of space is our first gesture in life, and we occupy our portion until we depart.
But what I want to know is this: who gets mine when I leave?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Puerto Rico

Last year while vacationing in Puerto Rico, I became aware of the easy and freedom with which they approach the water.
One day, I saw a middle aged man lower himself into the deep end of the pool, but just when I expected him to start swimming, he brought his feet together, placed his hands along his thighs and with his head above the surface, began to float upright as if standing on a transparent shelf.
Approaching the pool, I examined him closely, several feet of water separated him from the bottom, and there was no device to keep him afloat.
“Excuse me,” I asked,” Why don’t you sink?”
“Why should I?” said the man, “I don’t want to”.
“Then why don’t you swim?" “I don’t want to swim”.
“What do you do to buoy yourself like that?” I asked.
“Can’t you see?” said the man, ”I do nothing”
“But what’s the trick?” I asked watching his every move.
“Being oneself. That’s the trick.”
“Being oneself, that’s all?”
“That’s all”.
“But when I’m myself and do nothing I drown” I objected.
“To drown is to do something,” said the man “” Do nothing. Be yourself”
“Easily said. Is there a place where I could learn it?”
“There is,” he replied, a bit impatient. “Water in Puerto Rico.”
This is for the people who have never been to Puerto Rico, who have already been there once, who have already been there many times.
There is still something to learn.
How to be yourself.
I still didn’t, that is why I keep going there.
And How?
Of course withPuerto Rico guide.
Where can you book a cheap and comfortable vacation elsewhere?
Did you know that Archaic Indians from South America first came to Puerto Rico around 4500 B.C?
May be the man I met was a son of a son of a son etc. of one of them...
If you do not want to go for the beautiful landscape, for the beautiful weather, for the beautiful can do it to find yourself.

The Social Web

Today, is it feasible to live ethical, meaningful lives in the context of the Social Web?
Trebor Scholz

Individuals have character and so do groups of people.
Both have structure, form, features, behaviour and personality.
Groups which evolve a shared culture acquire a corporate identity.
Political, social and religious authorities have always understood the purpose and need for such trappings, but commercial organizations were rather late to embrace the notion of corporate identity.

The Social Web can be seen as a mixture of "corporations" which group people with similar identities.
Ethical, meaninful has nothing to do with the Web.
It has everything to do with the people.
The Web is just the "mean" the "place" to evolve "corporations". The people who belong to them make them "ethical, meaningful".
In this way, the Web is just the virtual world mirroring the real one.
You cannot be better or worse just because you belong or happen to be in the virtual world.

London-NewYork, it takes just a few minutes...

In my times planning a trip to New york took quite a long time.
Especially if your goal was going there, living there for a while and spending as little money as you had in your budget.
First you had to look forflights to New York, and it was not so easy to find cheap flights.
Then you had to look where to go and where to sleep and where to eat and how to move.
All, of course, within your budget.
And the Net was not available, so, either you had to contact a Travel Agency in your town (which was expensive) or contact somebody who could direct you to the right place.
Now, thanks to the Internet, you decide to go and a few minutes later you can know where and how and how much and of course easily book and relax, waiting for "departure day".
On Dial a flight you can find it all:
Flight, accommodations and tips.
And all the possibilities are available:
Cheap flights, every kind of hotels or villas or resorts, in the city, on the beach, in the country, wherever pleases you (and your wallet).
Nothing is left.
You can even check about vaccinations, insurance, weather.
You can book a flight, you can book a Holiday, you can book a car hire...
The only thing you still need is an Internet connection and of course a valid credit card...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Mind

Once the mind was considered a blank page only written on by experience.
Today we favour the seed and soil theory.
For example distinguishing colors, lines, patterns and shapes are innate, but doing anything with them can only be learned.
But, as one cynic once said, as we find out more and more, about less and less, the point will soon come when we will know everything about nothing.
The fact is that the mind thinks with ideas, not informations, so acquiring knowledge is useless unless one learns how to use it.
A dictionary may contain all the words, but owning it doesn't make you a writer.

Blogs about things and their directory

What is more important, blogs or things?
Blogs about things.
Blogs are subversive and can come in various guises.
Lethal blogs can seize control of the mind.
Once read they block off potential alternatives and masquerade as the only viable solution.
Promiscuous blogs are always auditioning, they never give up.
Fertile blogs are the kind which take roots and spread seeds.
Blogs create new ways of thinking.
Blogs with big ideas are concepts.
Concepts tie thoughts together and provide a common point of reference.
But where do you find blogs?
Of course in a blog directory.
Brilliant blogs, like truffles, are rare and only possible given special conditions.
That is why in the Blog Directory you can find Top Hits.
You click and you can find all the best displayed on a few lines.
I like Blog Directories.
They connect me to the world of blogs where I get Inspiration for my own blog, where I can fulfill my curiosity, where I can spend my spare time having a good time.
Blogs are important to me, as they are to many others, even if they do not know it yet.
Blogs are the new way of communicating.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

The future of newspaper

In my grandfather's time there was a good way to recycle the newspaper: using it as toilet paper.

That is the big problem of today.
Technology has gone so far as arriving to the point where the toilet paper is more expensive than newspaper, and in spite of that, it sells more.
It's a pity you cannot recycle the toilet paper and making newspapers out of it...

So, when the news get virtual, and the journalist becomes a blogger, where do all the newspapers find the way to survive?
They have to change, producing content people want to read, virtual or not...
We have come to the point where the content is 100% the value of the newspaper...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The brain and hypnosis

The brain is silent, the brain is dark, the brain tastes nothing, the brain hears nothing.
All it receives are electrical impulses.
It changes a little bit every time you see an image or hear a sound or feel a surface or taste a flavor or walk a new ground.
Everything you sense changes your brain.
The neurons do not act as computer memory sites.
No cell holds a picture of your lover or the smell of jasmine.
You can pull out any cell in your brain and your mind will not change.
What counts is the wires between the cells.
They call them synapses or neuronal connections.
And if you have the power to control your brain you have the power to control your emotions, your behaviors, yourself.
That is why it can be very interesting to learn hypnosis and its secrets.
To have the power to heal all your fears, to control another person's thoughts, to change your own thought patterns.
It looks magic, but it is science.
The brain is silent, the brain is dark, the brain tastes nothing, the brain hears nothing, but if you are able to communicate with it, you will have full control over yourself.

Apple and Microsoft

I am wondering more and more what the difference is, if any, between Apple and Microsoft. Apple is behaving just like MS not like the old Apple I used to like a lot and buy from. In the case of ATT I am not surprised. ( I use T-Mobile) I do have a Windows machine now running Vista and it is not at all bad. I may be close to changing my loyalties.
I wonder when the iphone is sold in the rest of the world, especially where locking may be illegal or un-enforceable whether ATTAPPLE will demand the US Customs seize such phones.
David Farber

You have no secrets that your IP address cannot reveal...

Have you ever thought how traceable you can be when you surf on the Internet?
Even when and if you do not care people knowing what you do, it can be dangerous because every small trace you leave on the web, every comment and free expression of your thoughts could be connected to you later and misused.
In a world where privacy is becoming a word without meaning, I think it is very important to secure our anonymity hiding our IP address.
But how?
Today you can, using hide IP address which is a specially-modified browser, based on Firefox. It automatically routes your Internet search through at least TWO ultra-secure, ultra-fast anonymous servers -- using the POWERFUL and well-known Tor network allowing complete privacy.
Ever heard of "Traffic Analysis?
Traffic analysis is the simple way to control who is talking to whom over a public network. Knowing the source and destination of your Internet traffic allows others to track your behavior and interests.
From revealing your tastes and interests (for commercial use) it can come to even threaten your job and physical safety by revealing who and where you are.
Providing an anonymous network on the Internet today is a must.
If you do not want to regret it tomorrow, it is of the utmost importance that you begin to think how to protect your privacy.

What is important in life

In Life is not important what you have, it is important what you DO NOT have.
Once Tuesday was a special day to me.
Because on Tuesdays I went riding.
I enjoyed it so much and I looked forward to my Tuesdays.
Then I thought to go riding also on Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays.
The I went riding every day.
Then I got so bored of riding that I had to stop.

But I learned my lesson.
Now everyday is special to me.
On Sundays I DO NOT wash floors or dust.
I just make my bed and eventually cook lunch.
Because it is Sunday and Sundays are special days.
I spend most of my time on the Internet and kind of enjoy it.
On Mondays I have a lot to clean and dust. All the things I didn't do on Sundays.
Tuesday is the "laundry day".
Wednesday is the "ironing and other small activities".
Thursday is again "cleaning day" and so on.
The time left for the Internet during the week is little,so that I mostly look forward to what I will write on Sundays.

I read "Life is a puzzle without a solution".
Nice words, but I do not think it is a puzzle.
At least not for me.
Life is the way I live.
Occupying the time I have and the space I got.
I do not want more, I do not want less.
It began and it will end.
Somebody left the space to me, I will leave the space to somebody else.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The worth of sight

The worth of sight is dependent more on the quality of one's vision, than on the objects' viewed.
That is why one should visit more often the optician...

The answer is yes or no depending on how you like it

Would you like to have a brand new, shining garage?
With a garage floor tile?
I would, infact I have it.
Because I am a "clean fanatic" and there is nothing better than a tile floor to keep clean.
Especially when the tiles are made of environmentally friendly recyclable and UV stabilized polyproylene, when they have superior rollover strength, are able to support heavy vehicles, oil resistant, and impervious to gas and all automotive chemicals, when they are non slip, skid resistant interlocking garage flooring that is easy to clean and creates an excellent look to your garage.
That is all what Garage Flooring is offering.
My personal taste is for black and white tiles.
They would perfectly match a red Ferrari.
It is true, I do not own a Ferrari yet, but you have to begin somewhere, don't you?

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

It is always better to be looked over than overlooked

It was bound to happen. Now even a frown or grimace can get you into trouble with The Man.

“Specially trained security personnel” will be watching passengers for “micro-expressions” that will reveal treacherous agendas and insidious intentions at airports around the country. These agents, who may literally hold your fate in their hands have been given a lofty, Orwellian name: "Behavior Detection Officers."

Did anyone ever doubt that George Orwell’s prophecies in “1984” would arrive? In that novel, he wrote, "You had to live -- did live, from habit that became instinct -- in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized."

In the study of “micro-expressions”—yes, it is actually a field of study and there are some who are arrogant enough to call it a science, it has been decided that when people wish to conceal emotions, the truth of their feelings is revealed in facial flashes.
These experts have determined that fear and disgust are the key things to look for because they can hint of deception. David Chessler

I am not so sure anymore it is better to be looked over...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If you want an unforgettable holiday, you must go to England

I am so fond of England that I almost feel more English than Italian.
I love everything of England, even the weather, which is something most people wouldn't.
I lived three years in London, the only place in the world where you can have all the four seasons in one day and you never have umbrellas enough.
I do not know how many I lost on the subway.
May be as many as I bought in all the car boot sales I visited (and they were many, believe me)
London is the place where you know that even if you spent the longest holiday in your life you would always have still something to see or to experience.
I went there the first time when I was sixteen and I found all what I was mostly fond of.:
shopping, friends, night life.
I went back when I was twenty and I was fond of different things.
And also then London offered me more than any other place I ever visited.
Fond of art? You can begin with the British museum and go on through the centuries and arrive to the Tate modern and you realize that you can go back because you didn't see all.
Fond of shopping?
You can begin in Regent Street, or Bond street and go on and see all the Markets and Car Boot Sales and you can be sure that you still missed a lot, enough to have a good excuse to go back another time.
With the dawn of the Low Cost Airlines, going to London is much cheaper than taking a train for a short trip in your own country.
If you are not a gourmet, you can live eating a lot at very good pricing.
The only weak point has always been finding a cheap place to sleep.
But with Hotels in London that is no more a problem. You can find all the most available and affordable accommodations you can dream.
And not only, you can also find Hotels in Manchester or cheap Hotels in Birmingham .
England has never been so alluring (and so cheap), so why not taking advantage out of it?

Curiosity is the mother of intelligence

And is the father of curiosity.
If you are your brain's publisher is the place to publish it.
It is nothing else than personalized news and much more than just news.
It is what everybody (or most everybody) can find amusing and worth to have a look to.
And it is what just the Internet could produce: a place where publisher and reader meet, where you can be reader and publisher, you can say whatever you like and in the way you like.
You can have the first page of a widespread newspaper and write on it.
If you are good, you're there, if you are not, you can always try again.
The average brain weighs about the same as a kilogram bag of sugar.
And we are talking about one and a half liters of protein and fat, the most remarkable structure in the Universe.
But what is it worth if it cannot express itself?
That is where websites like come in.
"digital technology and networks are part of the evolution, not just of the human species, but of the planet itself.
The planet is going to be networked, and a billion brains are going to be connected together, and that will have a profound impact on humans, and on the planet, unlike any that we have seen before" (Louis Rossetto)
And in this huge Network is going to have a good share, as a place where our brains meet, telling stories, ordinary stories of ordinary people, in an extraordinary way...


Where ideas come from and how they announce themselves is unpredictable.
Some arrive with the force of being hit over the head with a thick stick, others emerge slowly.
The only thing for certain is, like cats, ideas don't come when called.
That is why it is necessary to regularly hoover the mind of detritus to give ideas space to fertilize.
As for me, I am just a copier, an imposter.
I wait, I read. After a while my brain sends me a product.
Let's say I have ideas on ideas...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

If you don't know where you are going...

If you don't know where you are going all roads lead there.
But if you know, you also should know which hotel to choose.
No problem at all with the Internet.
You can search and with a few clicks of your mouse it can be done.
Searching, looking, choosing, booking.
And if you really want not only to find, but to find the best you should look at Hotel Reservations.
There you can fully plan your holiday.
You can find Hotels, Flights, Cars, Vacation, Rentals, Vacation Packages.
And you can also save up to 70%! Which is really not bad now a day. You have the best choice in one only website and displayed in a very "dummy proof" way.
You can search by type of rentals (Bed and Breakfast, Hotel, Condo etc.)or you can just write your destination, the date of your holiday, the number of people and rooms, and click and wait.
In a few seconds your trip is there: planed and displayed and billed...
And if you prefer a human voice or you still have something to ask, or you just want to know if it works, you can call the free number 1-800-447-4136.
But this is not all.
Since it is an international website, you can browse in your language and have the prices in your currency.
Do you hate planes, or trains, or buses?
Do you just want a short holiday close to home?
You can find great destinations and fantastic deals just a short drive from wherever you are with the road trip search.
Or do you prefer vacation packages (Air+Hotel+Car)? You can call 1-(800) 893-4086
May be you feel like going on a cruise?
They provide also a Cruises express search.(and very good pricing too).
And if you have a big family, or a lot of friends, you can take advantage of the Special Group rates (for more than 9 rooms/day).
What can I write more?
You name or think it and it is there.

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Smelling around

Smell was the first sense.
We think because we smelled.
Smell, generated in the primitive brain, is the one sense indelibly printed in the memory.
As agent of recall the nose is the one.
For myself distant memories are recalled by a smell.
The fragrance of lime in the night reminds me of my grand parents.
We used to sit under a huge lime tree in the Summer nights.
The fragrance of freshly mown grass conjures up the chore of mowing it.
Those who are deprived of two senses are called deaf or blind, but what is the word for those who can't smell?
For somebody should be: demented.
Because they say the loss of smelling is a sign of brain deterioration.

When less can be more than enough

Back from holidays?
The first thing one should avoid back from holidays is one's own mirror, unless it is one of those who are trained to reflect thinner than what they see...
But then, the truth arrives, sooner or later.
Looking at yourself reflected in a window, or trying those new Autumn collection's clothes...and finding out you need a size more, not because they reduced the sizes, but really because you got some centimeters or inches more...
Well, if you really hate what you see and if you really cannot follow the right diet, or if the right diet cannot do more than what it does, do not despair, there is Beverly Hills plastic surgery which will resize and reshape your figure.
Never heard about California liposuction?
It is the magic way to have a "new you" in a non friendly mirror.
To be able to like again what you see and to wear whatever you like.
Liposuction is such a common procedure at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery that they have developed a “center with a center” solely focused on liposuction.
The Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon is available for a personal consultation. To schedule a consultation, to discuss liposuction with this LA liposuction specialist, you can call at 310-550-6300.
Los Angeles Liposuction center is a specialized center in LA designed to give you the smoothest possible process for your procedure and to work toward giving you the best possible results from your liposuction.
They utilize state of the art equipment, specialized staff training and the latest in liposuction techniques to provide patients with the individualized liposuction treatments and recovery programs.
So, when less is more than enough, you know where to go.

Technology fear

There is one thing that continues to rear its misinformed head at me no matter where I seem to work, and that is fear of technology for fear’s sake. its Intriguing to me because a lot of the times, Companies are aware of technologies that could potentially make them more money, but also, I’ve run across others who don’t understand or properly comprehend the technologies enough around them to realize the benefits, but they turn a deaf ear to it.


Business has always been busy trying to wed creativity to commerce.
Unfortunately the very nature of business tends to stifle creativity as the very competition it fosters establishes one of the biggest blocks: the fear of making a mistake.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Furniture online

Where is the best place to buy your furniture?
Online, of course.
Well, may be it is not the best, but it is certainly the more comfortable.
And if you find a website which shows you also how to decorate your home and suggests the right furniture for it, you have all the advantages to comfortably choose and buy and decide for the best.
A good place is Furniture from Home .
They have a huge assortment of any kind of furniture, classic, style and modern.
They have things like a storage bed which is a very useful piece of furniture.
They have a free Nationwide delivery.
That means you look, you chose, you decide, you order and they deliver.
All just sitting in front of your computer and taking all the time you need...
You can also browse among Today's popular collections where you can find the best living room furniture for example that "Dark Brown Quality Leather Living Room Set" you always dreamed of, and a t a very good price too. With $3,316.00 you can have the full set in a beautiful and soft leather which will last a long time and will always look good because a classic style.
And if you need Office Furniture ?
You can choose among a good amount of desks of any size and type (and price).
On the website you can also find good lifestyle suggestions and furniture tips.
Besides you can shop by Room, Style, or Color, you can request a catalog, have all the shipping information’s, contacts and company information’s.
You can also join the members' club and have special member's benefits.
And did you know that they have helped soldiers in Iraq shop for furniture online and furnish their dreams together with their spouses?
Or that they were helping refurnish clients’ homes after the Katrina disaster?
That is the magic of the Internet.
Wherever you are, you can just sit and look and order.
They think of the rest...
The only thing you still need is some money to pay...
Apart from that, shopping online is: "Safe, Fun, It is a great way to get the most value, the most service and the most selection".

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How NOT to Become an Authority Blogger

What can you make yourself an authority on? What could you stand up, today, and speak confidently on? If your topic isn’t the everyday like Seinfeld’s is, then what is it? Copyblogger

I think that the best way to be an authority is to be no authority at all.
I am good in nothing , but I am good in saying it.
And that makes people liking to listen to me.
I just say: I am exactly like you, may be slightly or even a lot worse, but I do not care that much.
I am me and you are you.
This world needs stupid’s as well as geniuses.
The genius wouldn't be a genius if there were no stupids.
If all people were the same then geniuses would be just normal people.
And the real entertaining guy is not an authority, he is just somebody who looks what people see.
And tells them what he sees.
The laughing side of everyday life.
Humor is mostly in the beholder's eyes.
You are born a comic as much as you are born a not comic.
I do not think that is something you learn.
You can learn to see, you can learn to talk, you can learn to write.
But being able to say, to write, to see the right thing at the right moment, that is something you cannot learn.
What you can learn is to say: look I am this way, and I can be this way, and I am happy to be this way.
May be you can find an audience.
In a world where everybody wants to be the best, being able to be what you are and being happy to say it, makes you something quite different and may be interesting.

Yellow ties

Sometimes I feel like to be haunted by colors.
They follow me, they fill my eyes, my computer's screen, my thoughts.
My ideas are red and yellow and blue and black.
Paul Klee said: Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet.
I do not know how right he was, but I couldn't live without colors.
And also without wearing colored clothes.
Colors following moods.
Would you wear yellow ties?
I guess any color could be the right one, providing you know how to wear it.
Yellow is one of the nicest colors in my opinion.
It is second only to red.
And it goes perfectly with navy blue or brown.
I wouldn't wear it with grey.
Unless it is a kind of ocra yellow.

Where do you find all the best tips of how and what and when and why of fashion?
At The Divas Dreams you can find interesting suggestions about colors, which colors go with what and in which season.
I personally do not think colors are chained to any special season or any special person, I think they are more a matter of personal taste.
But one thing is sure, when it comes to extravagant ones if you do not want to look funny you have to chose quality.
Quality gives that special touch of class that allows you to wear the more extravagant ties' colors and still look smart.
Yellow ties are right if they are of the finest silk, the one for example Mr. Belisi uses for his ties.
Anyway, when you decide which colour is going to be your tie, keep this in mind:
Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weapons of "Mass Distraction"

"The latest Veronis Suhler report on the state of media says that online advertising will be bigger than newspaper advertisting in the U.S. — $62 billion — by 2011; this already happened in the UK. An inexorable path."

The migration to the web is for many reasons.
The economical was the beginning, then other factors kept the readers.
One of them is the fact that it is the user who choses what and how and when and can say no to unwanted ads, or just ignore them.
To be succesful the advertisement must look more like entertainment than suggestion.
The user is not anymore a passive consumer, he likes to decide and likes to interact.
That explains the huge success of Social Networks.
The marketing of the future has to keep that in mind.

Outsourcing surgery?

Many people from the developed world go to India for the rejuvenation promised by yoga and ayurvedic massage, but few would consider it a destination for plastic surgery.
That's exactly what the government in India hopes will happen soon: to make India a prime destination for medical tourists.
I believe that the marriage between the interests of Western medical tourists and a handful of private hospitals is at "a very superficial level as far as the medical care industry in India is concerned".
Besides I wouldn't risk my health just to save a few bucks.
I would very much prefer a Los Angeles plastic surgeon to any unknown one in India.
Lloyd M. Krieger, MD is the founder and medical director of Beverly Hills plastic surgery.
He knows how to make plastic surgery a more rewarding experience for patients.
His academic work has led to the publication of more than 50 articles, including more than 20 in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.
During his seven years training at UCLA, Dr. Krieger did extensive work in all areas of plastic surgery including cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, burn surgery, craniofacial surgery and hand surgery.
Do you think about Breast Augmentation?
There is one place where you can go for the best results:
Los Angeles breast augmentation, and having it done in the right way.
An implant is placed underneath the breast tissue. The choice of implant position is based on the shape of your current breast, the amount of breast tissue and overall body size.
If you go into their website you'll learn everything about it.
That will help you to decide if and when and how.
Health is too an important matter just to trust anybody.
Outsourcing surgery?
No Thanks. I care for myself.

The theatre is the same

"This long episode of market mania, running for seven years, was based on the idea that non-performing loans could be turned into money by removing them from their point of origin and dressing them up in respectable clothes -- like taking all the winos in downtown Los Angeles, putting them in Prada suits, and passing them off as the faculty of the Harvard Business School. " James Kunstler

First of all I am very happy to see you are posting again, Mr. Kunstler.
My post of today has little to do with what you overall write in your post.
But some of your worlds, as usual, make me thinking.
It is not so hard to believe what you think almost impossible.
In principle what we are used to lately is that the "form", the "package", the market, make the product.
It is not so important what is inside, as long as it is presented in a nice way.
In a few words, substance is almost dead.
Call it "bubbles" call it cheating, call it whatever you like, but how many products (financial products) were presented as alluring and money makers, high money makers and in the end they were just what they were, an illusion well wrapped to look substantially valuable.

The big problem of today is the naïveté of the customer.
The big problem is that people believe in miracles.
In an ever ending run up, in an ever ending progress, in a never ending income increase, in a never ending success.
Technology has its timing, technology is no miracle.
But people believe that technology will always rescue them, also doing the impossible.
It is the blind faith in what they do not understand that brings people to ruin.
It is the false hopes fed by false promises.
As usual the theatre is the same, what changes are the actors who play...

Journalism Thoof Style

Do you know how to write?
Do you have some nice and interesting stories to write about?
In a few words: do you have weapons of "mass distraction"?
You have to go to the right place.
Is it worth writing for yourself or for the few that accidentally finish in your blog?
There is a website you should visit, where you can find personalized news and you can also submit yours.
They are hungry for Scoops. You do not need to get it first, you need to get it right.
And if you get it first and get it right, well you can be sure you'll reach that fame you are looking for.
They say the Media are loosing their way, I say the Media is changing actors.
Journalism is not anymore something belonging to a restricted number of journalists, or newspapers.
The Media world has spread to cover all the aspects of entertainment and the means to broadcast it.
The dawn of a new era for media was brought by the Internet, where the reader can be the publisher and the director can be actor and producer.
The news is not any more just "information" the news is entertainment and the one who is able to entertain the reader IS the winner.
It doesn't matter who he is or what he does. It matters how he writes, and how able he is to promote his writing.
It is in this view that website like are important.
Because they can give on one side the latest stories to an interested reader and on the other side the right space and exposure to the one who writes.
It's the new model of Newspaper on the Internet.
The newspaper written by users, the newspaper people want to read.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Open access: Future of communications?

The fact is that the cellular industry is standing on a precipice.
The future clearly consists of open access, services like VoIP, full Internet browsing and access to open sites, wider choice of devices, etc. BUT the industry is today controled by cellular carriers, since they subsidize the phones that customers get and they're the only company that customers really ever deal with. And they're paying for
their infrastructure and want to profit from it as much as possible.
Handset manufacturers are deathly afraid of offending a carrier, since if they offend a carrier, their handsets don't get sold. (The slight exception is Nokia, since they're the biggest.) This is why things like dual-mode phones and mass-market phones with software extensibility aren't more common than they are. But at the same time, the handset manufacturers do see the future. They want to get there, and to bring new devices to market, but they need to get there without blowing the next year or so of profits and putting themselves out of business, i.e., without offending carriers.

Given this climate, anything that makes this future come clearer, anything that makes it more and more inevitable and obvious that the future is open access, and anything that makes consumers and non- technical businesspeople think about this future, has the power to tip the scales. More carriers deciding not to block VoIP, more carriers tearing down their walled gardens, and more carriers offering extensible devices, are all moves in the right direction, and anything that nudges them along, and more importantly makes businesspeople aware that they need to be nudged along, will bring on this future faster.

--Bruce Krulwich

San Francisco Sightseeing: the best way to visit a wonderful place.

Do you plan an unforgettable holiday in a place where you can find Nature, History, Entertainment, Good weather and Nice people?
Of course there are many places that can offer something like this, but there is only one which can offer all and something more: San Francisco.
You can go there many times and still have something to see.
And every time you will feel like you have to go back.
That is the Magic of a city that can surprise, enchant, allure, catch and inspire you.
But if you go there for the first time and you do not want to miss the most important places you will have to use San Francisco Sightseeing tours.
Read about it in the Trusted Tours eNewsletter .
You can choose San Francisco Sightseeing Deluxe City Tour
They will bring you all over, "from past to present and hill to shiny sea", over the Golden Gate bridge and along Lombard Street, to the most famous Fisherman's Wharf (where you can try the crabs and a special sauce).
From Twin Peaks you'll be able to see San Francisco's best. It lasts 3.5 hours, and you'll have the best 3.5 hours of your holiday for just $41.80 (but if you are a senior is even less).
Another tour that I would suggest, if you have the time is Monterey and Carmel 17 Mile Drive from San Francisco .
It is an 11 hours tour and it is worth every minute of it.
The Coast is really breathtaking. The tour includes stops at Steinbeck's Cannery Row in Monterey known for the characters in John Steinbeck's novel "Cannery Row". You'll find seaside exploration, shopping and activities on Monterey's beautiful shoreline.
The trip back to San Francisco will follow another route, taking you through the Silicon Valley in the San Jose and Santa Clara counties.

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