Monday, March 30, 2009

May be your future job or your success are just a few clicks away

Electronics are going to lead us to a much less expensive establishment.
Pcs and the Internet are powerful tools and powerful means to spread and acquire culture.
There is growth in world-wide competition, outsourcing, and partnerships that span the globe.
The economy is growing, and with increasing world integration, there is a consensus that the only way for the rich countries to stay ahead is to upgrade the skills of the workforce.
Individuals also have a strong incentive to improve their education. Even though earnings of graduates are much higher relative to those with no certification than before, it is getting more a matter to be able to find a job than to be able to earn more.
Knowledge, specifical knowledge, is the necessary tool to have a job.
It is in this optic that a good school is essential and if this school is available online with specific online training, offering a complete e-learning solution in the form of intranet, or online training video you cannot ask for a better solution.
That is the best effective way to acquire new skills or prepare for IT certification exams.
Every student can follow the lessons at his own speed, fast learners can accelerate, while slower learners or students with little free time can take a more leisurely approach.
May be your future job or your success are just a few clicks away.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What happens if the boat sinks?

All try to escape and find safety.
That is what happens right now to USA and its symbol: the Dollar.

Once the last hope of a fast recovery has gone, or will be gone, they will let the boat to sink in order to avoid to be pushed into deep water like it happened to Iceland.

"Our singular focus is on increasing lending to support economic recovery. Everything we do to stabilize the financial system is done with that goal in mind."

There are two options to achieve this goal.
One is borrowing money from other countries with the promise "We will give it back".
But once it is clear that the "giving back" American style is "not giving back at all" it is getting difficult to find the gullible Nation that lends.
Not even China.
When the success of your economy is based on the destruction of your finance it is not a success anymore.

The other option is printing paper money, with the same result.
The "giving back" will be equal to almost zero value and I hardly see a chance of recovery in that.
It could be if America would be energy self sufficient, which is not and is not willing or doing anything to be.

The boat will go on sinking and most of the friends will have to find another mean of transportation in order to save "themselves".

Do not think of the future. It will come soon enough

A blooming future is there for everyone, at the condition to be able to grab it.
And sometimes it is easier than what one can think, the important is trusting the right people to help.
Everybody knows that the future of most companies is online, nevertheless only a restricted number is able to find success and, among those, there are the ones that are able to present their business at its best.
To achieve so there are many tools, one of them is actually using the tools that the Internet offers to reach your customers.
But how, if most of your time is spent on producing?
The easy answer is using the right services that easily allow you to Track Sends, Opens, Clicks, and More, like email marketing.
Using the companies that offer you professionally designed email newsletter templates, so that reaching all your customers is just a matter of a click.
Another important tool to reach your goals is having surveys with appropriate survey tools, auto responders, and RSS feeds into one easy-to-use software.
All this and more is at your reach with an investment of just $9.95 per month.
For that amount you can get lots of templates, surveying, auto responder, email newsletter and blogging capability from the same application at no additional charge.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly before Internet Time

Our days are still 24 hours long.
We spend most of them working, sleeping, eating.
The rest in front of our monitor and on the Internet.
But can we still focus a World without the Internet?
What would happen if suddenly our screens became black and we had no access any more to our second life online?

I hardly remember what I used to do before, everything looks blurred and impossible.
We certainly spent more time in front of TV, more time shopping, more time socializing in the traditional way.
Taking for granted that the Internet is here to stay, I am positively sure that nobody misses the world before.
At least if he is fair and honest.
The type of conversations and socialization we had before was not better than now.
It is good if you are good, it is bad if you are bad.
The means do not matter.
You can feel closer or talk more often, but that doesn’t change your nature and behavior.
Regarding TV, beginning with the quality of picture and going on with quality of content, I think there is not so much to miss...
As for shopping, talking for myself, I never could buy better bargains and everything than when I discovered eBay.
It is not eBay, it is the fact that I can buy in such a wide market that lowers the price to a point where I can afford things I wouldn’t have been able to afford before.
And you can live in a small village and still shop in the world.
Of course shipment is still expensive and much has still to be done, but I dream and hope in a future not too far, where I will buy wherever I like comfortably sitting in front of my computer, virtually trying clothes and furniture with the aid of some magical software...
Dreaming still costs nothing and with the Internet is more than possible...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don´t pay more for the things you can get for nothing

Where can you find the best offer for Van Insurance?
Of course online.
Where is it possible to find a cheap, reliable, complete insurance for your Van at the best price?
Once it took several days to check the major insurances, to ask quotes and compare features, now nothing is easier and faster than getting a quote, reading about the offers and decide what better suits your needs.
You can also check about related products like tool insurance, goods in transit insurance or breakdown recovery, or even legal assistance.
The last is very useful in case of an accident that was not your fault.
With just £29.95 you can add Motor Claim Assistance and have a good sleep with nice dreams.
Let the experts take care of your claims.
They even arrange for the repairs to be made to your vehicle after an accident, at no cost to yourself, without having to wait for the third party's insurance to be sorted out.

That is important if the van is the tool you need for working.
You do not have to wait; you have all medical expenses paid, recovery and storage charges paid, and unlimited legal cost for free...
That is not little and you know what I mean if you ever needed a lawyer...
Well, what can I write more?
If you need help, you can also call the free number and have all your questions answered.

Same soap, different color box

Mr. Obama is slowly moving from "one of us" to "one of them".
In order to do so things might at least "look" as they used to be.
It is something like "Après moi le deluge".
Louis XVI suffered the consequences of what he himself did, but mostly of what the others before him did.
There is nothing worse than a deluded mass.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Take the bonus and run

From the Devil's Dictionary:

CORPORATION, n. An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility.

(or, as Pogo reminded us long ago, "We have met the enemy and he is us...")

Paul Saffo

That is about "take the bonus and run" mentality that leave others --like the tax payers-- to pick up the pieces.

Changing everything, so that everything is still the same

Interesting on Time Magazine.
"A Quiet Revolution Grows in the Muslim World".
As I can see it has nothing to do with a Revolution, not even a quiet Revolution.

"Now 26, Ziada organized Cairo's first human-rights film festival in November."
"Ziada shies away from little, including the grisly intimate details of her life. But she also wears a veil, a sign that her religious faith remains undimmed."
"In many of the scores of countries that are predominantly Muslim, the latest generation of activists is redefining society in novel ways."
"Disillusioned with extremists who can destroy but who fail to construct alternatives that improve daily life, members of the post-9/11 generation are increasingly relying on Islamic values rather than on a religion-based ideology to advance their aims. And importantly, the soft revolution has generated a new self-confidence among Muslims and a sense that the answers to their problems lie within their own faith and community rather than in the outside world. The revolution is about reform in a conservative package."

Revolution means changing the society, with new rules and, most important, a new way to see life, including the religious way.
Revolution IS NOT using handy and mini skirts...

See how we were, also regarding sex...

Nostalgic of vintage sex?

Now you can have a glimpse of what men liked in those days...visiting for free Play Boy Archive.
I do not know how long it will last, but nevertheless it is kind of interesting seeing how things changed since then.
I mean, what you can see it is ALWAYS the same stuff, naked breasts and bottoms.
What is different is the quality of the pictures and the display...

See how we were, also regarding sex...

Change Browsers in Buyers

If you have a personal web page it is nice to care for it as a hobby, looking around and getting ideas and changing it once in a while...
But if your site is your shop it is very important that it looks at its best.
Change browsers in buyers...that is something you can do at your best with a professional help and with the right web hosting.
Believe me, it is not a small detail the way you present yourself and your business, it is the way the others see you (and judge you too...).
And why is the right web hosting so important?
Because you have to be sure that your site is available 24 hours a day, that it can have all the features that can enhance your business, that it has a "professional" look.
There is nothing like a good website in the wrong place.
It is like a very nice woman with the wrong dress...
So, what to do for taking the right decision?
Just read everything about what the right web hosting should be, and then look in the right Web Hosting Review directory and choose the one that best fits your needs.
And: Good Luck!

Why unemployment rate in Europe will grow and grow and grow...

"Given the abject collapse of "American-style Capitalism" based on "financial innovation," many now tout the superiority of the European version of Capitalism (i.e. one with a stronger social welfare safety net). But the unpleasant demographic and structural truth is that model is equally incapable of paying promised retirement and healthcare.

Government interference in terms of income tax, sales tax (19%), property tax, municipal tax, regulations, compulsory government health & disability insurance is on a scale which is unthinkable compared to America or Canada.
In Italy for instance, once you start hiring employees you've basically signed away your right to any kind of entrepeneural independence. It's practically impossible to fire them and you're weighted down by hefty social security payments (roughly double the net loan the employee receives).

Plus you're compelled to pay for playing recorded music in your business, pension payments into employee pension plans, fees for having a copier and so on and so forth. The only way to do it, make a good living and still have a relaxed social life is to do everything yourself and with your partner and hire on a very minimal part-time and temporary basis." Of two minds

That is exactly the answer

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy

That means you do not need an amazing environment to be happy or more simply happiness is something that doesn’t belong to the human race.
"We grow accustomed almost instantly to every advance. And the better it gets, the less satisfied we are with it."
Well that is the open secret: happiness is in what you do not have and you dream of.
The moment you have it, it is not a dream or a goal anymore and it is not happiness.
That is what we are made for.
We are on this earth to reach a goal, not just to survive and we have this need inside of us of "doing", and in order to reach the goal we are born for we have "to do" and we are happy if we plan of something we do not have.
The human in satisfaction is what we are made for.
Life is not a gift, it is a commitment.
We enjoy making love because we have to do it in order to reproduce ourselves and we have to die when we are not able to fulfill what we were created for.
This is Nature, this is life, this is the law we have to follow.

The dream of being what you like

Till a few years ago, when I was young enough to desire a new breast, it was practically impossible.
The only thing you could do was buying a special bra.
But when it was time to take it off, the beauty of a nice and filled breast went away with it...
Now, not only it is possible, it is also affordable, which is not a small detail...
The only question is where to have a Breast Enlargement?
The answer is quite obvious.
Since it is an operation (fact that many women overlook) you should just choose a place where they assure:

1) Experience
2) Reliability
3) The best surgeons
4) A full selection of surgical and non surgical procedures
5) Least, but not last...good pricing

And if that means taking a plane and flying one hour?
I see it as an excuse to have a nice and productive holiday!
Imagine, you leave as you, and you come back as a totally new you...

Monday, March 16, 2009

No Secret, no Account

"The Times of London reported Saturday that the move means Switzerland will join Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Andorra, which also agreed this week to share limited information on their accounts on request from foreign governments."

"The newspaper said Zurich's decision to end its 300 years of banking secrecy precedes the G20 meeting, where British Prime Minister Gordon Brown plans to press for international tax havens."

All, of course, on the sake of Democracy...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What really happened on July 14, 1789?

What should happen today.
And what doesn’t.

What do we need to have a better future, or let’s say to have a future?
A big cleaning up there.
What proved to be "not working" "bankruptcy" "criminal" should be removed and a totally new order should be created "instead".

"All these insolvent banks, car manufacturers, mall-based shops, small businesses and reckless individuals - all hooked on mainlining credit - should be allowed to crash and burn. Yesterday."
"The political decision makers will never administer the killer dose because they need a middle class to act as their constituency. To kill them is as inviting as suicide.

A democracy will never allow the necessary purge, so everything will fall."
Unless something like what happened on July 14, 1789 happens again...

Is printing new money the right solution?

"All of a sudden, nationalization seems to have come home. These days, a federal takeover of the banking system is practically the only thing Republicans want to talk about."

"The only people talking about nationalization are Republicans -- this is crazy to me, that they have traded their entire ideology within six weeks."

That is the magic of a crisis.
The fact that what yesterday looked blooming and high revenues producing today looks gloomy and bankruptcy.
And what happens when a company makes more losses than revenues?
Obviously the State comes in.
To save people jobs and to assure that everything is going on as ever, because "People are more concerned about losing their jobs, losing their house, the change of living standards that they're facing,".
People care for today and already borrowed the past to have a better future.
But what happens when there is no money to borrow anymore?
Is printing new money the right solution?

Friday, March 06, 2009

Mind the German language

That is exactly what Mrs. Broghammer does every Thursday evening.
May be a few minutes also on Thursday afternoon, just before the lesson, in order to accomplish her duties as a pupil.

Every Thursday a few words more and many new ideas well confused, but, as the teacher says, the important is to speak...
Mrs Broghammer was elected as special trainer and interpreter of her nachbar (neighbor) Lilly.
Lilly is from Beijing, 45 but looks much younger.
She doesn’t speak German and a very little English.
She says her biggest problem is that here in Germany people speak German, also on TV.
I would say that is good, you can learn a lot.
Do you understand?
Mrs. Broghammer is at a point in German language where she doesn’t understand what they say, but she can understand what they are talking about.
Which in principle is all what you need to watch TV.
Sometimes it is even better not to understand the words...

Lilly says she is very envious, she would at least like to understand the commercials.
In order to do so, she shouldn’t be Chinese.
Being European makes everything much more simple (or simpler?).
When they begin, you already know where they will finish, that is how you can understand.
But if you are Chinese you do not understand where they begin and consequently where they will finish.

She is here in Germany to study the behavior of the "Chinese cabbage".
I always thought that if you wanted to study the Chinese vegetables you should have done so in China.
But it looks that the Chinese Cabbage prefers the German landscape.
May be it wants to copy his similars and get some color (the Chinese cabbage is white), or the latest "fashion trends".
Whatever, she is here to study and spends eight hours a day, six days a week for I do not know how many months, and all that for a small plant...

Lilly is very unhappy because soon her scholarship will be finished.
May be she will have to leave her cabbage and go back to Beijing to study the behavior of the German cabbage in China...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Is that the fishes get more human or the humans get more fishes?

I always thought that dogs, after living with their owners not only got the habits, but in some ways also the face expressions of them.
Now they found fishes that looked like humans.
"The "humanoid" carp are attracting attention in the town of Chongju in the centre of the country where they live in a small pond.

They are believed to be hybrid descendants of two carp species – the carp and the leather carp, also known as a tangerine fish.

Both fish are females and more than three feet long. They appear to have distinctive human noses, eyes and lips.

The fish live in a pond behind the home of a 64-year old South Korean man and have been there since 1986 although their looks are only just starting to attract attention."

Is that the fishes get more human or the humans get more fishes?

The Broghammers spend the weekend in Rügen

Greetings aus Rügen

Mrs. Broghammer says Greetings aus Rügen.

That is as far as she can go with her German and as far as she can go with a train.
It takes an average of six hours to be in Binz from Quedlinburg.
Most people would consider that wasted times, on the contrary Mrs. Broghammer can transform such a long trip in a very useful time.
She was able to knit two fronts and half a sleeve of a very nice pink cardigan that she finished in Quedlinburg and she is going to wear tonight at the German course, being that the only "social" occasion of her week at home.
Going back to Rügen, the one who has never been there doesn’t know what he lost.
Especially if he is in the category to which the Broghammers belong, I mean the group of people who like nature and beautiful landscape, including the landscape created by men some years ago, the beautiful Jugenstil villas in front of a beautiful white sandy beach.
It is all that white of the houses and the green of the trees and the beach and the sand.
It is a paradise for birds and for humans.
If you go in March you have good chances to have a nice, mild weather and the certainty to have very good pricing in the hotels.
May be that is the main reason why the Broghammers choose that weekend, a full apartment, in front of the sea, for Euro 40 per night.
They saved and they even enjoyed it very much.
In the morning you wake up at the sound of the sea gulls singing, you walk for hours in a deserted beach and you enjoy the sound of the waves...
I still wonder why so few people know about it, may be the ones who do, do not want to share it...