Monday, October 28, 2013

How to be successful

What is the secret of success?
The bad thing is that not everybody achieves it, the good thing is that it is no secret at all.
What does your business need to be among the first on the most important search engines and directories?
It needs to reach a lot of customers, as simple as that.
But how?
First you need a nice and interesting website, not too much stuff in it and not too little.
The old trick is that if you want viewers you need to catch them and to catch them you need to give them what they want, mostly informations or tips for your category using the right technology.
Second, once you have the right catching website you need people to know that it exists.
That you can achieve in many ways, with the right search engine optimization, or using the appropriate means like for example pay per click.
Once you find the first customers and they like what they say, they themselves will not only come back, but bring other customers (what is called word of mouth).
And the more visitors the more chances you have to grow your business.
It looks simple and IT IS simple, when you know how and what to do.
If you are somebody like HUBSHOUT.
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In this way they are able to create outstanding customer results.
The sooner you ask their help the fastest your website will grow.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Debt ceiling, debt crisis

They say the problem is not the ceiling, the problem is the debt.
I say the problem is not the debt, the debt is the symptom of the real problem.
So, what is the problem?
On one side you have a country that produces almost everything (China) and on the other millions of consumers that produce nothing.
In order to consume in USA you have a monstrous private debt, and in Europe a monstrous nation debt due to the fact that where there are no jobs, the State becomes the employer.
And, of course, all with the approval of the immense and steadily growing financial system.
They (the central banks) create the money out of nothing, lend it with interest to states and private people, the debtors are happy, the creditors are happy, the producers are happy.
But it is clear that it cannot work and someday, somewhere it will have to stop.
When? When the last of the chain, the one that works will be tired of working for paper money that is not even worth the paper on which it is printed (infact mostly it is digital money).