Friday, March 17, 2006

The new Internet economy

The new economy born with the Internet is shaped around buyers, not sellers.
It is and it always was the main rule of the market: buyers are the first source of money, THEY ARE THE MONEY.
They are there, looking and SEARCHING.
You do not need marketing on the NET, you already have a MARKET.
In the new type of market born with the Internet, the buyers notify the market of the intent to buy, and sellers compete for the buyer's purchase.
As simple as that.
The new Internet economy is much more than transactions.
Conversations matter. So do relationships.
Those virtues are looked for and showed by sellers (as well as buyers) and not just "branded" by sellers.
The Internet Market is about buyers finding sellers, not sellers looking for or "alluring" buyers.

So, how will commercials have to be?

1) Easy to be found by eventual buyers.
2) Entertaining.
3) Showing.
4) The purchase must be easy to purchase.
5) The delivery must be fast and cheap (not needing too much bandwidth).

Rules change, opportunities are there.
The Internet market is more than ever the "brain" economy against the "giants".
Small birds against dinosaurs.
The fastest and most effective will be the winner, but the real winner will be the buyer.
Cheaper goods, cheaper delivery, huge selection.

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