Monday, April 10, 2006

A new TV

Rich Media
Mark Cuban writes:

What we did learn at, is that people will search , even if it takes some work, to find things they are passionate about that arent on TV.
The beauty of the net is that you can find any and every kind of video. Its the definition of Long Tail.
On the net, the value is in the network aggregator. On tv the value is in the show. The broadcasting network is not really a big deal.

Who needs TV on a computer, or worse on a cell phone?
This is the same mistake they made with VoIP.
A cheap Replica of the actual telephone system.
When VoIP is not just telephoning, but REAL COMMUNICATION.
You can do so much with a computer, why limit it to be the bad copy of a stupid phone?

And similarly, why condemning the Internet to be a BAD COPY of TV?
TV is BROADCASING, TV is showing.
The Internet can be much more.
Because first of all is a TWO WAY network.
Second is a DECENTRALIZED Netwok.
Why not making a new kind of TV?
Why sticking to the old, when we have the chance to have something really new?

I think the main reason is lack of fantasy.
Most of the people and the Managers of today are used to Copy, trying to make better revenues in a better way, charging more, cheating more and so on.
That explains the run for the Telcos towards monopoly of contents.
Not happy of their trembling monopolies on the lines, they try to reinforce them with the monpoly of the content.
For doing so they want to make different levels of bandwidth usage, so that the users who do not want to buy their content cannot buy it from somebody else.
If you need a steady downloading bandwidth of 1 Mbps to receive TV (their TV) the moment you don't have the 1 Mbps line you cannot access any Video streaming with a certain quality.
We call that "catching two pigeons with one only bean".
But what if they were wrong?
What if people do not want their content?
What if people FINALLY decide that it is overdue time to throw all the Monopolies of this world in the "DUSTBIN OF HISTORY"?

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