Sunday, June 18, 2006

Net Neutrality in Italy

There are two big tragedies in life: the first is not being able to get what you want and the second, far bigger, is to be able to get it.
We Italians can consider ourselves lucky people, because we have been spared the second, and it looks there is no hope we will ever get it.

In this way, our government, which is at the service of the big countries' monopolies, avoids a lot of problems that are common to the rest of the civilized world.
One of them is Net Neutrality.

Here we do not even have to begin to talk about it.
What's the use of Net Neutrality when you do not even have the Net?

The Telecom is a Christian Institution (well, we are the country which hosts the Vatican).
It is there to remind us that all progress and innovation will open the doors of hell.
Do we need all the Porno stuff that dominates the Net?
Do we need all the Free thoughts that run on line?

Aren't we better off going on thinking and believing what they say and want us to do?
Why should we bother to know the rest of the world?
To use and IMPORT goods from abroad, endangering the business of our country?
Be Italian, eat Italian, live Italian.

Thanks Telecom and you fucking bastard of Managers to deprive me from the use of progress.
In the rest of the world people connect to the Net with high speed lines?
Isn't it better as you do with us Italian?
A line of 2 kbits, interrupted every 50 seconds, so that to get the mail it takes 4 hours. Then you have to spend another four hours to get to a search engine, and your day is gone.
It is true, you didn't do anything.
But you also didn't do anything wrong, like for example endangering the Monopoly of the few companies who rule our country.
Be Italian from top to bottom, breath Italian, eat Italian, surf Italian.
Wasn't there once somebody called Benito who preached something like that?