Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Killing app.

"The bursting of the high-tech bubble is moving the prevailing social mood from Internet worship to cynicism.
Yet just as the early attitude was overoptimistic, the new one could easily become unjustifiably overpessimistic."
In both cases the reason IS not an overreaction, but a misunderstanding of what the Internet means and can produce.
In most cases the genious who discovered or invented something innovative and revolutionary usually was not the one who made the biggest profit out of it.
Usually it was the one who understood or incidentally found out how to use it for a "killing Application".

The Internet is the Network of networks and its big value is in its ubiquity more than in its technological structure.
It worked when the connection was very lousy and the bandwidth very low.
It worked because people liked it and liked to use it.
100% of them.
It grew because thanks to its ubiquity it could offer possibilities to everybody, no matter where and how.

But the Internet has still a lot of unveiled possibilities to offer.
The first applications in a new invention are usually a better copy of the existing ones.
The Internet is nothing else that "dumb pipes"....with intelligence at the edges, the opposite of the pre-existing networks.
The dumb network in a world of intelligent networks.
But the Internet is much more than that.
It is a "universal content delivery", but even though the "universal" would make it already the winning application, most do not see that its innovative feature is not only in the widespread footprint but in the fact that it is the first network that can afford the delivery of "moving content" besides the usual "static content" to which we are used.

Radio, TV, Satellite, they all were means of distribution of "static content" or "one way network".
The Internet is the first "two way network", in the sense that the customer can be in the same time consumer and producer.
I can download, but I can also upload.
This small detail changes dramatichally the full picture.
And this is something the young teenager understood since long, while the big companies still do not see.
The future killer applications will probably be the one of the unknown John or Mohamed or Giovanni...