Friday, July 04, 2008

Which kind of load?

I guess, as a woman, one of the greatest invention of our times was the Washing Machine.
I am not so young and I still remember when my mother had to do the weekly laundry.
It used to be a big issue, especially when it came to sheets.
And I still remember our first wonder of washing machine, with two separate places, one to wash and the other to rinse.
And of course I still remember how expensive the first models were and how complicate it was to find, try and decide to buy one.

Now a day there is nothing simpler.
You just go on the right website, where you can compare all the available models and their prices and their features and decide what you want, and buy what you need.
You can even search by Price Range or by Brand or by Features.
The choice is so big that you do not have any excuse anymore not to buy one online!

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