Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When ecology becomes economy

Techno-triumphalism has one very weak point: oil.
It is triumphalism if there is abundance of it, it is finished without.
The big fiasco (wanted) was the failure to find some substitute to oil.
Or a substitute to the life with oil.
That means MAY BE we, for the first time in history, will have to go partially back to the past.
"It is as follows: the all-time peak of oil production implies the end of industrial growth as we have known it – especially when you correct for the unworkable fantasies that purport a continuing fiesta of so-called alternative or renewable energy sources. The end of industrial growth as we’ve known it implies that the investment instruments which represent the hope and expectation for future growth – stocks, bonds, currencies, et cetera – must lose their legitimacy. An attempt was made in recent years to work around this problem with engineered innovative financial instruments based on something other than industrial growth (namely, on getting something for nothing). "
These aggregate frauds amounted to a grand and comprehensive swindle, and now that swindle has left the world financial system in smoldering ruins.
The events of autumn, 2008, can be summarized as vast sums of capital leaving the system, never to return as far ahead as we can imagine. We have become overnight a poorer human race – in particular, those sectors of humanity who imagined themselves to be pretty well off. . .
Good bye happy motoring and Mac Houses.
"The end of the oil regime, and the vanishing of capital means we will have to live differently, whether we like it or not, whether it is fashionable or not.
This means, in effect, a return traditional ways of inhabiting the landscape: real towns, villages, neighborhoods, urban quarters, and cities of a different sort and scale than the hypertrophied monsters of recent decades. Also real buildings of comprehendible typology made largely out of materials found in nature. This is what the circumstances of the years to come will require us to do."

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