Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The culture of enjoy today and pay tomorrow

"Fuck Las Vegas and fuck Nevada, and fuck all the casino operators in every pulsating gambling venue around this country. The last thing we need is to continue believing that it is possible to get something for nothing, or an industry based on that false principle."

The hope we can get something for nothing or almost nothing is what helps most people to live.
It is the stuff dreams are made of.
It is the hope in something better, somewhere, somehow, some time.
It is fighting the idea that life is so hard and unlivable.
It is what helps many to fall asleep thinking there is a better world, where you can get what the OTHERS have.
It is in a false culture, in a false education, where having is better than being and having for nothing is better than having with hard work.
It is the culture of enjoy today and pay tomorrow, it is ALL what most people learned in their life.
When you are brought up with a certain frame of mind it is almost impossible to change.
The whole world falls apart.

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