Monday, May 10, 2010


The whole thing would be so funny, if it wasn’t real.

A so-called "swap" line with the Bank of Canada provides up to $30 billion.
US gives money to Greece to bail out.
But where does the money come from?

Italy owes France 511 billions Euro.
That itself is a good reason not to let Italy going into default.
Otherwise France would be the very next.

The only thing nobody says is that nobody will ever be able to repay the debt.
In Italy we have the Mafia.
They lend you 10.000 Euro and after a few years you owe them something like 300.000 when you have already paid back something like 100.000 interests.

What is happening is nothing different, just the number of zeros.
And the name of the Mafia’s bosses.

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