Monday, August 09, 2010

I respect the road

Sometimes (very often) the steering-wheel of a motor car has the same effect on a modern, civilized English driver as the smell of blood has on the average tiger.
What he doesn´t do in the way of cutting in, crazy cornering, acrobatic overtaking and unindicated, or even misleading changes of direction is not worth doing.
With this type of driving one would not survive five minutes in any other part of the world, simply because no one would be expecting such feats: but in England every driver is expected to perform the physically impossible; every driver is expected to drive like a criminal lunatic let out on parole.
It is on this view that AXA has created a campaign called “Respect on the Road” to try and bring courtesy and respect back to British roads.
For this campaign AXA has created a Facebook fanpage, as well as `Road Rage kids’ a viral YouTube video.
In addition AXA has taken to the streets of London a series of videos called: ‘Cab Cam’
I myself think that the first duty of a civilized person is to respect the road, I respect the road and I expect the others to do the same.
I think what ´AXA Car Insurance’ does is great, because it helps to make a better life and a safer place to live in.
AXA Respect On The Road is the right campaign, targeting the right people and in the best and effective way, because a good driver is the one who understands his limits and respects the others.


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anab01 said...

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a really important issue and something which definitely should be addressed in England. It is a priviledge to be on the road.

Rachel Brooks said...

Tigers? Are humans really that animalistic in your eyes? Surely not that bad...