Saturday, October 08, 2011

What is the advantage of our "democratic" regime?

“Before a presidential election in the U.S., everyone who’s even contemplating running for president spends 100 percent of his time announcing how he would change everything if he was elected,” said Kenneth Lieberthal, who held Russel’s post under President Bill Clinton.
“In China, the incentives are exactly the opposite, your incentives are to do nothing except praise what the current leaders are doing because they’re the ones who decide whether you replace them.”

The results are, paradoxically, exactly the same.
Because the elected president will go on leaving everything as it is, as the ones who paid for his campaign want.
In China, at least, they save the money in campaigns that are for nothing, in election expenses, and the time the average voter spends to look, to listen, to decide, to vote.(which anyway is wasted time).

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