Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Italy is a sinking boat

Nothing can represent Italy as well as the Costa Concordia.
A whale stranded on the cliffs. The captain first caused the problem, then denied it and finally escaped. Just like Berlusconi. The captain pretended to give instructions from the beach, with the feet on a dry ground, while the crew had to act on the boat. Exactly like the parties with the actual Monti government.
The ship has an Italian name, but the owner is American… exactly like our Country. The master American’s name is Carnival, exactly like the management of our public finance.
The crew was totally extra communitarians and underpaid, exactly like those who work in Italy.
In order to save the savable the edge staff has mutinied while the ship was sinking on its flank.
Well, this still has not jet happened on the mainland.
On the Concord the crew has been able to revolt because the captain was not there with the army, like in Val di Susa.
The name Concord refers to unity among the European nations.
Its thirteen bridges have in fact names of European States, among them Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, France, Germany, but in Europe there are no bridges, on the contrary the Germans would prefer to cut their arm rather than to finance Italy and Greece.
The alarm has been given, when the boat was already turning upside down. Just like the Italian economic catastrophe, Tremorti and the " crisis behind our shoulders". The aids have arrived from private boats. The sloops were insufficient, there was fight among the passengers for the life jackets and everything was chaos.
It seemed just an Italian ordinary day.
The disaster has not happened for natural causes, but for distraction.
The usual rule for Italy.
The Concord sank to approach the island to give the chance to say hallo to friends and authority of the Giglio island. On the boat’s christening the launched bottle of champagne bounced on the flank , the disaster has happened of Friday 13. If we were superstitious we would begin to fear.

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