Monday, May 14, 2012

Knowing your customers is the key to success

Of the many articles that can be sold online, there are some that are better fit than others.
I would never buy a dress online, I perfectly know that the right one is the one I can try and see, touch and examine.
Well I am a tough customer and never spend money without being sure what I am buying is exactly what I am looking for.
So, first I decide what I need, then what I really like to find and where I am going to look fot it.
But for something like a car, it is a completely different matter.
A car is the kind of article that can be shown in its best and cheapest way online.
A picture very often can show what a limited space cannot.
That is why a car dealer needs a lot of space and can afford to show few models the way he should.
On the Internet he can have a website with as many pictures as he needs, showing the same model in every detail and with the appropriate surroundings.
What he mostly needs, besides a nice website, is the right way to be found. That is why it is of the upmost importance to use the right Dealer SEO.
He can concentrate in his business, caring for his customers and leave the burden of optimizing his site to the experts.
Having a good placement now a day is not so easy and keeping it is even more difficult.
And it is not anymore just a matter of the right keywords or meta tags...for example to be up with the latest technologies he must master a lot of IT, which could mean the need to spend a lot of time, admitting to have the basic knowledge (which not everybody has).
For example, to promote his site is very useful to use the social media, to know Facebook app for car dealers, but how many can declare themselves as guru of social media optimization?
And last, but not less important, it can be very useful to read posts on a blog especially dedicated to car dealers, knowing something more like Interrogation Techniques to track the search on his own website.
When you have some enquires, it is nice and useful for example to know where the customer came from... which keywords he used or the sites he was before coming in yours...
I find it extremely interesting and many times I changed my site in base of the customers search...
If you know what they are looking for, it is easy to offer it...


Residential voip - WhichVoIP said...

Customers Satisfaction should be the aim of every business. As one happy customer bring 10 new ones.

VoIP Service Providers said...

I am agree with you. Failure of business is not depends on run out of money. They fails Companies do not fail because they run out of customer's orders.Customers provide the revenues needed to getting profitability. Keep your customer happy and you can be sure that he or she will come back to you