Monday, June 04, 2012

The entertainet

"The Internet is being turned into The Entertainet.
Nothing wrong with that per se, BUT after we get done chopping and channeling the Internet (versitile, duplex, distributed control, datagram, medium performance highly flexible general purpose network) into the Entertainet (dedicated, simplex, centralized control, semi-virtual circuit, high performance, custom purposed network) then we are going to build an Internet again.

Because we will still need an Internet, once we are done putting the Entertainet in place." What does really mean?
The Internet was born as end to end network, the content was created on one end and sent to the other.
While TV for example was broadcasted from the center to the end.
Entertainet is a way of going back, a copy of TV.
The Internet is a revolutionary mean because it is INTERACTIVE, while TV is a passive way to entertain...
Next month, a little more than a year after the National Science Foundation (NSF) launched the Future Internet Architecture (FIA) program, 100 researchers will gather in Palo Alto, CA, to discuss the progress in “content-centric networking” (CCN) – a new direction for organizing Internet traffic that aims to provide greater security and faster connectivity.
Content-centric networking represents a shift from today’s focus on using network addresses to find content.
Instead it proposes a protocol that specifically defines and tracks content.
Backers say it represents an evolutionary change similar to IP forwarding.
“We think it’s definitely a concept that will change how people design high performance hardware".
The goal of the meeting will be to have the research community share work, exchange ideas, and begin to shape the kind of content ID and router frameworks needed to make the CCN concept work.
“We are trying to define and validate what you could think of as an Internet Protocol for content,” “It’s this kind of work with people experimenting with apps and use cases that will push toward the design of a core protocol,”

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