Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ten technologies that will change our life

1) Egg Stem Cells A recent discovery could increase older women’s chances of having babies

2) Ultra Efficient Solar. Under the right circumstances,solar cells from Semprius could produce power more cheaply than fossil fuels.

3) Light-Field Photography Lytro reinvented the camera so that lets you adjust the focus of an image after you’ve taken the picture.

4) Solar Microgrids Village-scale DC grids provide power for lighting and cell phones.

5) 3-D Transistors Intel creates faster and more energy-efficient processors.

6) A Faster Fourier Transform A mathematical upgrade promises a speedier digital world.

7) Nanopore Sequencing Simple and direct analysis of DNA will make genetic testing routine in more situations.

8) Crowdfunding Kickstarter is funding the commercialization of new technologies.

9) High-Speed Materials Discovery A new way to identify battery materials suitable for mass production could revolutionize energy storage.

10) Facebook’s Timeline The social-networking company is collecting and analyzing consumer data on an unprecedented scale.

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