Thursday, November 08, 2012

When a t shirt is NOT a sign of quality, it is a sign of THE quality

What could be a better promotion for your company than somebody who wears your logo everywhere?
And what could be cheaper?
People tend to be willing to do so, when they are offered a good quality t shirt, may be something well fitting, good quality, pure cotton with waterproof, washing machine proof colors. And I am NOT talking of the usual cheap imported stuff that is either too big or too sloppy or with unbearable colors.
I am talking about something made in USA, good quality cotton, where your logo or name or whatever is printed with t shirt screen printing.
I am talking about a company which has, as they say, "over 20 years of experience in providing product and equipment identification solutions".
Twenty years you can see in the high quality t shirt, in every small detail, in all what makes the difference and gives a touch to the name or logo of your company.
It can also be something employees can proudly wear in company meetings or seminars or shows. Something like a uniform, a nice one, that shows they belong together and they also belong to a high quality company.
If you really want something unique and special, you can chose high quality embroidered shirts.
Either you chose one or the other you can be sure that your name or your logo or whatever drawing you decide to print, will be displayed in the best way.