Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Going back to be my brain´s publisher

On one side I would like to hide in my hole, which is getting narrower even in this "rich" Germany.
I never really believed or liked this prosperity, I always lived beyond my means, so it is not difficult now, living in the same way, to survive.
Not looking at TV, not reading newspapers, illuding myself with the lies the propaganda tells everyday, going to you tube and looking for videos about anthropology, science, ethnology and may be cooking and gardening.
Forgetting this insanity, not looking or listening to what happens around me, "anyway" I think "I can do nothing to change".
I was shocked when I saw the Greek elections results, I was so sure that a population, cheated in every possible way, reduced to starvation, with no future, would have voted against Europe.
I was shockingly wrong.
In that moment I realized they were stronger than the mass, stronger than desperation, stronger than reality.
In that moment it was clear that democracy was slavery, that law was injustice and justice was a mere word.
It meant, as Celente says "JUST US".
I would understand that in Italy.
There the majority still has "something" and hope.
Statistics say nobody believes in the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is like heaven, nobody believes in it, but everybody hopes that something will be THERE. My mother, who was brought up like a catholic, used to say: I do not believe there is something, but I pray the same, you never know...
May be that is the trick.
Leaving hope.
I would so much like, but I cannot.
I cannot go on seeing and pretending I do not see.
I cannot let the big wave pass and try to be on its border, trying to feel the least and not looking to the ones in the middle.
But how?
I see it clearly now.
They want the mass starving, They want the mass enraged.
They want the mass marching and protesting.
Because they know that the ones like me, the ones that hate wars and are peaceful and want to change the world in a peaceful way, those, with thousands of others do things they would never do if let by themselves.
Put together 100 intelligent people and you will have a mass of idiots.
They will begin to break cars and windows etc. They will become "terrorists" "revolutionaries" "Untrustable people".
And the people with the broken cars, windows, those people not ONLY will accept a dictator, they WILL ASK for SOMEBODY to bring back law and order.
You do not need to put in jail ALL, you need to put in jail the FEW leaders, and the others will just shut up.
I would like, but I cannot shut up...what can I do?

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