Friday, November 28, 2014

Why the Swiss should vote YES

This vote IS NOT about gold.
This vote is about Switzerland being a sovereign nation and the franc being an independent currency.
The Swiss haven’t realized that they are, at every effect, using the euro as currency and NOT an independent franc.
When a currency is "pegged" to another one follows it.
If the euro goes up, so does the franc, if the euro collapses, the Swiss franc won’t have any other choice than follow.
Because BOTH are fiat currency like the Dollar and when one goes down, the others fall too.
Backing the Swiss with gold would mean making it an independent currency, when the others implode, it won’t.
It means the savers will always have their money in the bank and the companies will be sure to get what they deserve.
It means that the state and the citizens will always have the means to go on and so fort.. But I am very pessimist.
Either THEY will be successful and the vote will be NO or the YES will become NO.
It doesn´t matter who votes, it matters WHO counts the votes...

Strong powers ALWAYS win

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