Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The State should be at the service of the citizens and not the other way round.

"Broadcasting was the first major commercial wireless service, quickly eclipsing point-to-point and ship-to-shore links.
Beginning with radio, it developed early in the 20th century.
Therefore, it occupies huge swaths of spectrum at what today we consider low frequencies. Newer services, such as microwave relays for telecommunications backhaul, mobile telephony, satellite transmission, and wireless data, tend to operate higher on the frequency dial.
This segmentation is partly a simple historical progression.
Like the sedimentary layers of archaeological digs, wireless services generally follow a progression of frequencies from low to high over time.
Newer technologies can support usable systems at higher and higher frequencies.

Frequency does matter.
Generally speaking, the lower the frequency, the better a signal propagates.
Lower frequencies make it easier to build systems that transmit over long distances, allowing for fewer transmitters and thus lower costs to cover a given area.
They also allow signals to more easily penetrate obstacles such as trees and walls.
These characteristics are particularly valuable for services such as last-mile broadband.

Unlicensed wireless systems based on the WiFi standard and operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands have experienced dramatic market growth in recent years. Newer technologies such as WiMax (IEEE 802.16) and MobileFi (IEEE 802.20) promise higher capacity and mobility.

Meanwhile, demand for broadband data connections continues to grow worldwide. Broadband is not only a revenue-generating service on its own; it is the platform for a plethora of new applications such as voice over IP, movie downloads, videoconferencing, and multi-player online gaming.

To address broadband demand, low-frequency wireless capacity now allocated to broadcasting should be made available for wireless data services. "


For the simple reason that this is what people want.
And that the politicians who are voted to be there, are voted to "represent" the citizens and not to favor the Monopolies in the advantage of their pockets.

The State should be at the service of the citizens and not the other way round.


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