Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Unimportance of having a Union

EU stands for European Union, that would mean the Union of the Europeans, but nothing could be more misleading.

Where do you see any Union?

We still speak a too big amount of different languages, we still have a too big quantity of different law, we still think too much as "Non Europeans".

That means all the money we spend (a huge amount) to run the EU is nothing else than money thrown away or to be more précised, too much money finished in the wrong pockets.

EU is more the Union of governments that should be representative of their people, but are so far away from them, that they do not even know anymore what people want.
What they know and quite well, is to suck inventing everyday new taxes in the name of the Progressive EU.

Let's say, as if we were not enough squeezed from our local governments, they felt the need to create something higher and bigger to suck more.
And all in the name of higher progress and higher justice.

Then, when you need a little bit of something you do not even know where to knock.
Which is not worse than knowing where to knock, because, anyway nobody would answer you.

The EU unites crooks and is a legal institution.
The Internet unites people and it is an unofficial institution, it is not even an institution, that is why it works.

When will those politicians understand it has come the time to begin to be ashamed of themselves?

Patrizia from a World on IP

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