Sunday, February 20, 2005

About Intellectual Property.

I have a feeling sometimes that all this fuss around intellectual property is a misusage of the real meaning of the word.

Reading around, ideas look similar and more than a theft I would call it something like a recycling.
You begin with a concept, somebody else reads it without fully understanding what you mean, but, as usually happens, who is not able to learn at least thinks he is able to teach, repeats what he didn't understand in the way he understood it.
So a new concept is born.
Then, if he is able to say and copy without understanding the real meaning what you wrote, you can be sure there is somebody ready to do the same, coming to something similar, but not as the original one, remix it and present it as something new.
And this goes on and on...

Think and you have the problem of disposal of ideas.

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