Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Flattening of almost everything

We used to need hierarchies because we had only primitive communication and information processing capability. Computers, electronic communication, and particularly the Internet have made it possible to flatten almost everything. Flat organizations, which is what I’m blogging about today, are necessary to deal with accelerating change.

Hierarchies are intrinsic in nature.
Men are different.

"When man had reached the stage of clothing, and overcoming the danger of starving, freezing and being eaten by wild animals and these dangers ceased to be the essential factor influencing selection, an evil intra specific selection must have set in.
The factor influencing selection was now the wars between hostile neighbouring tribes and among the people belonging to the same tribe."

And hierarchies are a consequence of them.
You can create all the flat organizations you like, but after a while a hierarchy will naturally grow into them.


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