Monday, January 09, 2006

How old are you?

This is a pointless question.
Few people know how old they are.
Every person has two ages: the first is the calendar age which is the less important of the two and depends simply on the date of birth (its chief purpose is to tell you when you must go to school and wheter you are permitted to watch pornographic films in public, or you must still watch them at home).
The second age is your real age, and that is of real importance.
Your calendar age changes making you a year older every birthday, your real age remains constant.
We all know serious minded, mature human beings with a calendar age of eleven and also empty headed, silly, sulking, vain children with a calendar age of 54.

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Anna Bruno said...

Realizing that one's real age is constant can be frustrating. Are we bound to stay empty-headed children forever?

Isn't there a way to grow up? I'm sure there is. We just have to look harder for it.