Monday, September 11, 2006


Today I read something about 9/11, I will see something more tonight in the news.
I must say, living in Italy, I have to share with it, the only one, most important part of it: the thought of death.
All the rest, how, where and why is irrelevantly unimportant for the ones who died and the ones who survived.
Something like this happened in the past and something like this will happen in the future.
In another place, for other reasons, in another time.
But it will still have in common with it that dramatic, inexorable thing that is death.
When we go to a funeral, when we witness a death or even worse, many deaths, we cry.
But we do not cry for them.
We cry for ourselves, because we realize, we suddenly are obliged to remember that death is there, today for him and tomorrow for us.
We are obliged to acknowledge that we are human and since we were born, we will die.
I could have been one of them...
Everybody could have been one of them, there or somewhere else.

Dying is nothing, it takes just a second.
What matters is the time that goes from the moment you realize you are dying and the moment you do.
That make a death as terrible and as horrible as it can be and as it surely was for the dead of 9/11.
All the rest is just History.