Sunday, September 17, 2006

What the Pope says...

I am not a religious person, because I do not believe in Religions.
But I understand who believes.
In a world where most of the people struggle to find the way for surviving, in a world full of bad and so poor of good, Religion is very often the only hope to bear everyday life.
And that was understood since the dawn of humanity.
There was always someone more intelligent that, promising a better life after death, could make a nice profit on the need of the mass.
Man likes the thought he won't really die, that a part of himself will live eternally, and likes to believe what ALL religions promise.

In that Christianism and Islamism have more in common than one could think.
We have the Pope and the Church who fuck us in the name of God, they have the Ajatollah who fucks them in the name of Allah.

Both do the same mistake: try to be the only ones.
They should just share the mass of believers.
It is always the same story, greediness brings to war.
The Pope should just make an agreement with the Ajatollah:
I fuck mine and you fuck yours.

This is the only road to peace...


me said...

Dear Patrizia, i don't know if i have to write to you in english or in i decided to write you in english but excusme for my bad english!
However i'm the guy who you answered on about the problem of different religions and the problem of oil and religion. So i'm reading now your blog and i find some points of wiew that are very similar between us. So i put your blog on my favorities now! Good work!

Anonymous said...

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