Friday, October 20, 2006

About pay-blogging

The insidious effort to buy bloggers’ voice and credibility in the name of buzz just won’t stop. So I want to make my own blogger’s pledge to you:

1. No one can buy my editorial voice or opinion.
2. No one can buy my editorial space; if it’s an ad it will clearly be an ad.
3. No one should be confused about the source of anything on my pages.
4. I will disclose my business relationships whenever it is relevant and possible.

Jeff Jarvis

Everything you say is wonderful and I am sure it would be difficult to find somebody who disagrees.
But there are several points which you do not mention.

First: you can blog as a hobby and you can shout whatever you like.
But then you need a real job and may be you do not have so much time left for blogging.

Second: is it so important to know if you really like or enjoy something or you say it because you are paid?
There are millions on this earth who like things I do not, and I usually do not buy something because Madonna says it is great.

Every idealism is wonderful on the paper, but the moment it reaches reality is not as shiny as it looked.
Because it doesn't consider the humanity as it is.
It is wonderful to be honest, to pay the taxes till the last dollar (or euro) not to cheat your wife, not to drink, not to swear, not to eat too much, to do exercises every morning and so on...
Ideal life should be like that.
But life is usually lived by human beings who have to make ends meet, yes also the ends of their need to be a little less perfect and a little more human.
All this to say:
How many of us would like to be offered 5000 dollars to write a post on a blog...
Why do they always ask the ones who are too honest to accept...
Do not misunderstand me, I am just trying to be a little more understandable, a little less God...

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me said...

Hi Patrizia! I read few minutes ago this post and i agree with you...i'm a little inexperienced in the blog world but i think that at the beginning having a blog was a way of express ourself, our ideas, purposes, loves, hates, and all the things that we need to express without censorships. But now sometimes a lot of people monetize blogs and the original purpose of write a blog like write a sort of personal diary is being deleted. For example when i read about adsense (it's the correct name?), the program that make you earn money if people visit your blog and the advertisements in your blog i have to admit that i thought that something is going wrong (not only in the blog world...)...why i have to write a blog and be happy if people read it only because they make that i earn money with advertisments? It could be more satisfactory if they read my blog for what i write! But i think that is a general process that change the things with the only purpose of turning something that people likes in something of profitable for someone.
Maybe i'm too pessimist...