Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Consumerism: the American dream

"I contend that if we had honest leaders and media - it would not be so. The People are so mind controlled thru the media, at the direction of the monopo men. Consumerism is the American dream
Yet we know how to conserve, if given reason, but that would not advance the monpopoly men - so the masses are deluded."
Consumerism is not only the American dream, is what made America (and the West world) what they are.
It is the basement of our economy, of our society, of our life.
If we stop consuming the whole society goes bust.
We have to consume and always consume more, because we have to produce and always produce more.
The answer is not suddendly change our habits, our mentality.
The answer is finding what will allow us to go on this way for some time more, as long as we need to have a gradual change.
Because oil or not oil we cannot go on forever consuming more and more.
The media cannot go on controlling more and more. Sooner or later people will wake up, but let it be a gradual waking up.
Revolutions feed on sudden changes, progress feeds in gradual improvement.
Let us change our mentality, consuming less and caring more for the real values of life.
But let's not make it a conditio sine qua non.