Tuesday, November 03, 2009


"All efforts at controlling the mind are subject to this myth of scarcity. Try to control education and smart kids learn to reject you. Try to control the Internet and Chinese people learn just how precious a sip of freedom is, while the rest of us get bored by the firehose.
Freedom is the answer to tyranny because freedom creates abundance, or discovers the abundance that is in fact all around us.
To all those who feel oppressed, no matter their cause, I hope this brings some comfort. In the end, freedom will win out. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even in your lifetime, but it will.
Freedom, knowledge, and truth are all plastic, all powerful, and all unlimited.
The universe, whether we're talking about your mind, this planet, or the stars themselves, is far more infinite than you or I can possibly know.
And the only way to get a taste of it is to open your mind, as scientists do, and prepare always to have it changed."

This is definitely very pretty wording.

The unlimited freedom has a taste of license.
Freedom is not in the abundance but in the understanding of scarcity.
Freedom is being able to appreciate your limits and respecting the others'.
Freedom will never win, because men will never change.
We will always have the weak and the strong, and the first will always be oppressed by the second.
History repeats itself and teaches us that there is no perfect life or world because there is no such a thing as a perfect man.
Believing in the victory of freedom is nice and warming the heart, but it is an illusion.

Create a perfect world and it will slowly change in an imperfect one.

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