Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Talking about Venice´s bridges

The Rialto bridge was completed in 1591.
The work took 3 years. It’s a combination of beauty and functionality.
The last bridge built in Venice should have cost two million Euro, but the cost has reached 14 millions.
Seven years to build it, the same time required to build an average pyramid.
With the difference that this bridge doesn´t even look nice.
Construction in Italy is a business. It’s no longer a necessity. A speculation whose beneficiaries are the property groups and the banks.
And regarding architecture (as design very often) the last think they think about is building something useful.
It is no longer architecture, but simply industrial design.
The important is to create a "scenario", what should be inside or what this scenario is created for doesn´t matter.
If people were water or clouds or dwarfs or whatever, certain buildings or certain tools would be perfect.
Straight is not fashionable anymore.
Everything must be twisted or upside dow.
The roof is not a roof because it has to look like a floor.
And may be, why not?
A building pinched in the middle.
Once you tried to save space and use it at its best.
Now they save nothing and use the space at its worst.
It has to look "different" because different is "new" and "trendy".
One example of this is the Olympic Stadium in Peking. Forty thousand tons of pure steel. Six thousand tons would normally be enough to build a stadium. Is this total waste of energy at all worthwhile? Is it really so beautiful?
The buildings are becoming more and more unbalanced and they land up costing four or five times as much.
That is because technology would allow us to make things "perfect".
We use it instead to make "s..ts"


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