Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freedom of speech is never saying "I am sorry"

America has become more and more like the old Roman Empire.
Mostly a country ruled by weapons, with an economy based on weapons´production.
Capitalism is something else.
It is an economy based on free productive activity.
Trading mere paper certificates (or digital simulacra of them) has nothing to do with economy.
These practices reached such a grotesque level of unreality that they eventually poisoned what remained of America’s economic prospects.
"In the meantime, the derivatives rackets that made up so much of the fraud -- especially the trillions of dollars vested in credit default swaps contracts -- are ticking out there like bombs placed by madmen, and may bring down the entire global money system before an orderly downsizing of finance can occur."

Good example of the arrogance and presumption reached by USA (or by the ones who rule it) is the fact than NOBODY can eventually try to criticize their doing, even when it is clearly and manifestly wrong.

Freedom of speech is kept when the only ones who speak are the ones who would never say anything "wrong".
I believe that journalists or TV broadcasters say ALL what they think.
If there was any chance that they said something else, they wouldn’t be there.
Democracy is not limiting what you say, but allowing ALL to speak.
Democracy and freedom of speech is like love: It is true when you do not need to say: "I am sorry"

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