Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What would we need to make a better world?

When I was little borrowing money was a shame.
When my mother talked about somebody who had the need to "go to a bank and ask for money" lowered her voice and sighed.
Making a mortgage or buying something with monthly fees was something just the poors or the lazy people did.
If you do not have the money you just do not buy it.
We have come a long way from then.
If you want something why waiting?
The whole system is a cheating.
They do not even dare to call it with its real name.
They call it "credit card".
It sounds much better then debit.
It doesn’t even look like borrowing.
It is somebody who lends and why bothering?
One day you will repay it.
When you will have enjoyed it.
What they forget to say is that you enjoy one and you pay 370.

The world would be much better if people were taught to do hat their interest is and not someone else’s. And we know who the someone else is.


Mike Skjorter said...

real life or one can say the life of matures is really cruel than one can expect it being a kid, its always hard to explain things! Nice sharing buddy!

suzan said...
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link wheels said...

Its the people's duty to make the world better by not cheating any one and living true to their self.

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to remember when people who couldn't pay cash for something would get it on "layaway".

You would make downpayment, then periodic payments to the seller. You only took possession when you were done paying it off.

Of course, we couldn't have our "vibrant" "consumer" "economy" if we lived on that basis now.