Tuesday, February 01, 2011


"As for myself, although I realize that there is a limit to what we can do for the 3rd world people who come here, I'm well disposed to the illegals I see around me and all thru out the U.S.

Why is that? Because at the river I see them, a Pop and 5 or 6 Kids piled into a battered old Ford on a sunny Sunday, fishing for perch with worms and a Walmart Rod, cooking cheap hot dogs over an open fire, the old man drinking beer from a can, the mom sitting in the shade, enjoying themselves, just like my Swamp Yankee Mill Town family used to do 40 years ago, same place, in a battered old Ford, the Old Man drinking beer, and everybody having a helluva time because we didn't know any different.

I still don't. And at the same time my neighbors driving their Hummers down to the air conditioned Gambling Casinos, spending their day in dim light, or flying off all over the world for exotic overseas vacations. or taking greasy cruises on massive ships ...

That's why I like the illegals, Mexicans most specifically."


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