Friday, February 25, 2011

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang BÖHMER Minister-president of Sachsen-Anhalt

Dear Mr. Böhmer,

First excuse me for writing in English, but my German is not good enough.
Second, please forgive me if I steal a few minutes of your precious time, but I have exhausted all my resources and you happen to be my last hope.
I am Italian, married to a German citizen.
In 2008 I bought a Fachwerkhaus in Quedlinburg, which was my dream.
I invested all my money for restoring it and it is a beautiful place, in a beautiful town.
I made seven apartments and, since both me and my husband are without a job, we live on the rent of these apartments.
Since 2009 our neighbor, Familie Bomke whose court is connected to ours, divided by a wooden fence, enjoys the evenings (till four in the morning) singing, playing loud music and making a big open fire close to the wooden fence, attached to a very old tree, endangering both houses (wooden houses) the people who live in them (5 families), pollutes the air we breath, because they use recycled wood, very often with residues of varnish, and do not let anybody to sleep.
It is THREE years, we went to a layer (3000 euros), to court, we reported the fact to the Ordnungsamt several times, to the Police.

NOTHING absolutely nothing.

I ask myself:
Is Quedlinburg a Republik in the German Republik?
Is the Familie Bomke in some way connected to the Mafia?
The situation is very similar to Corleone, where the family Riina does unpunished ALL what they like.

Besides being unstandable, today I had the first letter, from the first tenant, that, since they cannot sleep and breath they decided to change house.
I am afraid it will be followed by the others.

Who is going to support us, when we loose our income?
Who is going to pay the damages, and give me back the money I invested?

Most important: who should I contact to have JUSTICE?

Sometimes it looks like the only way should be buying a gun and shooting.
May be in this way the problem would be solved.
If it was in Italy it would be very simple: instead of paying a layer, you just contact the right people and they solve the problem...

I invested all my savings here thinking to be in a more civilized country, but it looks like I was wrong.
Is Germany following Italy?

The court sentenced that the German law allows two grills a month, till 10 in the evening, but the Bomkes have to follow the local law, which says clearly: no open fire in the center of the town.
It looks like the police here is not able to read.
It would be good to refresh their knowledge of their language or hire somebody with the elementary knowledge.

I apologize if the tone of my writing looks harsh, but my life is going to be destroyed.
Please, if you cannot do anything, let me know if there is somebody in Sachsen Anhalt that is not colluded with the local mafia and is willing to do the job he is appointed to.

Best Regards Fulvia Demaria Broghammer

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