Sunday, June 05, 2011

E. Coli genetically modified

In 2001 scientific articles reported how Monsanto produced proteins with genetically modified E. Coli.
"Monsanto developed a recombinant version of BST, brand-named Posilac, in 1994, which is produced through a genetically engineered E. coli. A gene that codes for the sequence of amino acids that make up BST is inserted into the DNA of the E. coli bacterium. The bacteria are then broken up and separated from the rBST, which is purified to produce the injectable hormone."
The Posilac was sold to Ely Lilly.
A 2007 USDA Dairy Survey estimated rBGH use at 15.2% of operations and 17.2% of cows.

In 2006 the genetically modified E. Coli was used to produce Aspartame that Monsanto registered under the name of Amino Sweet.

Was it intentional? (Germany refused to send troups to Lybia) Or Unintentional?
They say they do not know where it comes from, because I am sure THEY KNOW.

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Fabfarmer said...

I am a farmer that used to be all for GMO technology when it first came out, susceptible to the false claims that Monsanto had told us when we researched the products at NMSU agricultural science center. Claims such as, Glyphosate (Roundup) is so safe and non-toxic, that you could "drink it", that it was totally biodegradable within days of use, and that GMO products were safe to consume (even though the products were so new that consumers were not able to eat them yet because they were still in the growing-testing phase). Now, one of the products that they came out with is a corn seed that has inserted into the DNA code a beneficial bacteria called Bacillus thurengensis (BT corn). It persists in the silk, and when a worm digests the silk, they also digest the bacteria and it leads to their demise. Would it not also be just as simple to insert a harmful bacteria such as E. coli? I think so....whether on purpose or by accident. I certainly do believe that this corporation has no morals, ethics or scruples and that they are hell-bent on dominating our world's food supply. They have been after organic farms because it's the only safe food we have left. Organics haven't "bowed down" to GMOs, although they are beginning to here of late. I really do believe that Monsanto is part of a global conspiracy that is beyond the clutches of government. Through this "fear campaign" they will be able to point fingers, blame others, and make it look like they are the innocent ones in order to open the door for a world wide monopoly in the seed industry. They hold a "patent on life forms", which allows them to ruin the local farmer whose crop was unfortunate enough to cross pollinate, attain GMO properties in their family seedline...and monsanto sues them for not "purchasing the technology". Horrible, isn't it? What and who is to stop them?
Unless we all rise up against manipulative corporations such as this, we will all become slaves to them.