Monday, June 06, 2011

Creativity is often the result of thinking the unthinkable


Audio and video programs are now the normal way we learn new things.

Imagination is everything if you know how to express it, and there is nothing too much in a dream or in a fantasy.

Honda beginning on June 2nd 2011 will show short films, created by W+K  Wieden + Kennedy London, on Channel 4  featuring brand-led films starring real-life customers who use their Honda products in original ways.

All phases of the campaign will also be on Facebook and Twitter, where you will be able to find the full version of the documentaries in addition to films, articles, and interesting stories.

The visitors will also be able to find a 'Take Part' section, where Honda-owners can upload stories and photographs,showing their  unusual ways they use their Honda products.

One of the most original "work" will be chosen to be turned into the final mini-documentary and turned into idents for TV.

If you think you have a good and unusual  idea of how to use a Honda product and this idea could be used in the documentaries

you have found the right place to post it.

In an interview I saw some time ago most Americans said that the single most important thing in their lives was…to be on purpose, to use their gifts, be appreciated for their contribution, and be a part of doing something bigger than themselves.

In a few word to be creative expressing what they liked and did in their daily life.

That is what Chris Groom and Sam Heath, Creative Directors, Wieden + Kennedy want to see.

They knew "there were all sorts of people using all sorts of Honda products in extraordinary ways" and that  this was  the right way to find out who and what.

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