Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bitcoin: the latest hoax?

Bitomat, the third largest exchange for bitcoin -- the cybercryptocurrency not backed up by a government or any hard assets -- lost its wallet.dat file which held all of its bitcoins.
Bitcoin lost their wallet

According to the article, this was due to using the wrong cloud computing model on the part of the exchange, not any fault of Amazon's cloud computing services.
A consequence of this latest bitcoin disaster has been the acquisition of Bitomat by the largest exchange, Mt. Gox.


This article calls it a "bid to restore confidence in the bitcoin market".
I don't quite get how merging the two exchanges involved in the largest bitcoin disasters restores confidence, but I suppose confidence can't get any lower so anything you do must be an improvement.
May be, as usual, I am a little of a bad thinker, but wasn´t that convenient? ( I mean to lose tha data)

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