Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tips To Make New Customers

It is clear that the serious and successful entrepreneurs of today, focuse their business on the customers. Whatever the approach may be, it is still the way to propose your product to the audience that will be purchasing it. The better you are in proposing or marketing, the more successful you are going to be. And it stands to reason that the more customers you have, the better!

But how do you get more customers? What does the word key customer mean? A key customer is somebody who will bring other customers. In every business, 20% of your customers can bring 80% of other customers. Most companies have customers who are more than essential to the success of their business, it is knowing them and treating them in the special way they deserve, that can make a success of your business. It just needs to be coordinated and developed and there are companies that can help you with that!

First, they will identify your resources, then cultivating existing relationships across accounts. Then they will provide training to sales reps, frontline staff and others, in building relationship channels to service those accounts. Web development, search engine optimization, social media, video production and design are also key ways to get key customers. That is what Heather is working at with her skilled team at Whale Communications Ltd. One of her recent successes is a segment on her site called Sonar Moment. Pacific Northwest based CEOs started the New Year with exclusive online interviews, telling their stories about leadership and business approaches. It is very worthwhile to check out these segments which are being produced at monthly intervals. Very interesting to me, was the interview with Q5 Innovations Founder and CEO, Sage Baker. She says that you can build businesses that make the world a better place, but you can also focus on making money at the same time, and not have to apologize for that. I thought that was pretty profound. Being non-traditional can help to understand social interactions, as much as providing products to view can help to sell them.

The key to success is focusing on your products as well as on your customers. Especially those key customers that can be reached with a business model built on commercializing innovative technology products.

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