Tuesday, November 08, 2011

We were like you, you will be like us

Some time ago I read a very interesting book: Confessions of an economic hit man.
It was clearly explained the behavior of the big corporations and the IMF.
What they usually do to grab ALL the raw materials and the richness of a country of the third world.
First they reduce the country in heavy debts, lending money to build "infrastructures" that have very little to do with the name, or with the growth of the economy of the country.
They are exclusively on the interest of the big corporations which plan to be there.
This was John Perkin’s job (the economic hit man).
Second step is making the country insolvent, third step is Stealing all what they can, reducing the population in misery and so having people working for the big corporations for 30 dollars a month.
This allows the big managers to have a few private jets, the high class whores and similia, while people starve even working 12 hours a day, seven days a week...

Well , at that time I didn’t understand.
I didn’t understand that, after the third world it was the time for us.
Just as the written phrase I read when I was little, in the cemetery where my grandparents were buried: We were like you, you will be like us.

And people still do not understand.
First was Greece, now is Italy.
And France and Germany laugh.

We were like you, YOU will be like us.

The pattern is the same:
First putting the country in debts, then giving more money to pay the interests of the debts.
Then increasing the interests and obliging to more debts to pay the interests.
Finally stealing all what they can, making the population in misery, working for less and less, more and more.

IMF, International Mafia Federation, nobody sees that you are but a copy of the Italian Mafia.
Same breed, same ways, but you were smart enough to legalize yourself.
Nevertheless you are as criminal as the “unlegalized” Mafia.

One comment:

I don't know whether you checked out my comment Mon am. I discussed the whole mafia thing there. "Confessions of an Economic Hitman","Shock Doctrine" and "Griftopia" are books that should be a required reading for anyone who wants to understand what this obscenity we call global capitalism is. They describe the same process in different ways.This thing is so out of control I can't imagine how it can possibly continue.

I know Obama has been an abject failure to get us going in any direction that would be different from the administration before, but just remember, it's a global disaster and the power elite can't change the direction. O is a globalist and neoliberal just like the Republicans and most of the Democrats are, so just understand that this is the system.

Good luck finding anyone that can change this--it has to break before it can change.

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