Thursday, November 17, 2011

The flapping of a butterfly's wings in Europe will provoke a hurricane in USA

As soon as the US banking system feasted for being least exposed to the European debt crisis (15 billions)they realized that actually it was not so.
The amount of CDS is around 250 billions, and that changes the picture.
More so, if you realize that the people (banks) who insured the European debt with CDS do NOT actually own the money they should pay.
That means just one thing: if Europe defaults, they will be finished in a few days...
They were successful with the Greece’s hair cut, 50% was voluntarily agreed...that means Greece didn’t default and Goldman Sachs doesn’t have to pay.
A complete different scenario would happen in the case of Italy and the other European states.
After Greece’s hair cut and the discovery that the CDS are not worth the paper they are written on, it was a game among the European bond owners (except Germany)to be the fastest to dump them.
Papademos and Monti the two Goldman Sachs men are the last hope.
GS would have preferred to be in the shadow, but the risk of Greece and especially Italy going into default was a risk they couldn’t contemplate.
Now the fight is with Germany, who doesn’t want to allow the ECB to print money to bail out the countries in debt, as the FED did with the banks.

But there could be a solution, painful, but effective to save Europe and the Euro.
First they should have forbidden the naked CDS, or the restructuring of the debt which is now too high.
But the hunger for more and more won´ t allow this.
They won´ t stop before we will be left without jobs, without money, without life.
But some say that the goal is to reach 500.000 people on the globe.
So, 6,5 billions will have to die.

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