Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winds of Fascism

"Brussels is like a ventriloquist's dummy sitting on Germany's knee. Germany cannot just step up and act like the Boss of Europe. Too many bad memories of an earlier instance, when a gang of maniacs wearing uniforms studded with grinning totenkopf insignia turned the whole region into a charnel house. So, Germany has to pretend to speak through Brussels. The message was: listen up all y'all nations of the Eurozone! Prepare to live on a whole lot less than you're used to! Do not exceed your borrowing and spending! Or else!"JK

I do not understand much of economy, but I know mathematics well enough to understand that paper money gets value from the work and the goods that people produce.
And the fact that you have astronomic debts means just one thing: there is too much money compared to the work and good produced.
Either you reduce the value of the currency and you earn a lot of it, or you reduce the value of your work and goods and you have little of it.
This is the only sustainable mean to live.
Thinking that you can print as much money as you like and that its value is almost the same is a dream that cost USA a lot of wars and will cost a lot more, if they want to go on on this pattern.
Because to make people outside the US to accept your currency´s value either you stop printing it, or you fight and oblige them.
Angela Merkel has, in my opinion, the merit to have said the only right thing that has to be said: if you want to be credible you have to spend as much as you earn, not a penny more.
And since most Europeans enjoyed spending more than what they produced, now they have to do the only thing you do when you are overweight: diet.
As sad, as terrible it can look.
And if that means to be a Nazi, then being one is a good thing.

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