Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress

Author: Isiah Williams

Say Yes To The Dress on TLC is one of my favorite shows. I like to watch all the different women (and one time a man) try on dresses. It is so interesting how different people are in shape, style, frame everything. There are so many different shapes and sizes of people and that show really points that out to me. Each and every woman that goes in to Kleinfelds in New York is searching for the perfect dress to walk down the aisle in. It is amazing how they are all looking for a dress usually in a shade of white and they all want something so different. Some girls want princess gowns with large puffy skirts and tulle fabric. Some girls want a more vintage look with all over lace or appliqu├ęs. Some ladies even want a short cocktail length dress for something different that stands out. I always DVR this show on my so that I can fast forward through the commercials. Who wants to watch commercials when there is a dress decision to be made?!

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