Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mind control and warfare games

Advances in neuroscience are closer than ever to becoming a reality, but scientists are warning the military - along with their peers - that with great power comes great responsibility, great moral responsability.
A future of brain-controlled tanks, automated attack drones and mind-reading interrogation techniques may arrive sooner than later, but advances in neuroscience that will usher in a new era of combat come with tough ethical implications for both the military and scientists responsible for the technology.
"Everybody agrees that conflict will be changed as new technologies are coming on," "But nobody knows where that technology is going."
There is a fine line between using neuroscience devices to allow an injured person to regain baseline functions and enhancing someone's body to perform better than their natural body ever could.
"Where one draws that line is not obvious, and how one decides to cross that line is not easy. People will say 'Why would we want to deny warfighters these advantages?'"


dariog said...

nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello Patrizia, I'm looking for people who want to face, seriously, the problem of social/political targeting of individuals by communication structures and invasive/non-consensual/illegal technics.