Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Student Loans

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

I’m trying to be more mindful of where I spend my money, because it just occurred to me the other day that I’m five years removed from college at this point and my student loans are not getting much smaller. I’m a little confused by the situation, to be honest. I pay my bills every month, and I think everything is fine, and then I look at my student loan statement at the end of the year and notice that the number hasn’t changed much. Here’s what I do understand—I need to start paying more money every month on my student loan. That is the tricky part, I guess. I don’t actually have a ton of extra money sitting around that I can spare. So, thus the new mindfulness about where I spend my money. I’m doing the obvious things like buying store brand and cutting coupons, but I also discovered a pretty easy way to save money that requires pretty much no effort. All I did was search for Shop Electricity Rates Texas and I found I could switch my energy provider to save money on my utility bills each month. Definitely the easiest way I’ve ever discovered to put a little more money in my pocket. Even if all that money has to go towards my student loans.

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Unknown said...

Always be aware of your student loan so that you won get confused in paying your loans and so that your budget won’t take a nasty hit. Another point to remember is to keep track of your income and expenditures. Figure out how to cut spending and save more money.

Carmella Bezio