Monday, November 19, 2012

Emerging ideas that are shaping our future

How can you improve your life?
One way, the first way I can actually think of improving my life is beginning to improve the place where I live.
And by improving I certainly mean making it more comfortable.
Having a nice cool house in summer, a nice, cozy warm house in winter and ALL the tons of hot water I need for my showers, my babies baths and my pets needs...
I could begin reading, searching the net, trying to improve my knowledge, doing it by myself, but, since I am NOT a professional how to understand what is best , what lasts longer, what comes cheaper and so on..
I could also search for a good home energy audit franchise, which is definitely the best idea.
I am on the opinion that the best solution is letting the experts do the job, because they just know how to do it.
Where do you start?
I would immediately contact the Home Energy team.
They will come, check and provide energy efficiency solutions through local home improvement contractors in your own community.
They are ALL experts in building science, provided with certifications from the industry’s most trusted and respected certification bodies: the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and the Building Performance Institute (BPI).
They’re expert Home Energy Survey Professionals, Home Energy Raters, Building Envelope Professionals, Building Analysts and "Energy Smart" Home Improvement Contractors.
Following my links you will find websites for contractors, from there you will be able to contact all necessary people to fulfill your needs.
I do not know how much better my future will be, but I am sure MY HOME will be warmer and much more comfortable...and may be I will even spend less...