Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The italian electoral campaign

What the Italian electoral campaign is lacking is reality.
All candidates, without distinction, are engaged in a race of promises and concessions.
All PROMISES that will be impossible to realize.
Sorry to say, but ALSO Grillo is carried away ...
His proposal of basic income is even more irrealistic of the most promising promises Berlusconi.
How does he think to be able to give a basic 1000 € to ALL?
Lowering the pensions of 90,000 euro.
He forgets the most elementar concepts of mathematics, the pensions of 90,000 Euros are hundreds, while the "poor citizens" are millions.
The money saved could barely allow an income of a few euro if "guaranteed" to all those who need it.
As it happened in Parma, where as a result of the promises there is the mother who has to pay € 1000 per month to send her two children to kindergarten, because the money is what it is and it must be collected where it is.
So the working mother earning 1000 € per month must give 500 to pay the tuition fee for the child of the mother who does not work (and could keep him home) and therefore has no income ...
There are two models of "government."
The U.S. model where you pay 20% tax, but the health care is private, the school is private, all services are private.
There is the European model where you pay 68% of taxes, but the school is public, health care is public,services are public.
They both worked well at first, then human nature took over and they both failed, so that USA continues to give nothing but increases taxes, in Europe taxes cannot be further increased so they begin to dismantle the "public" and begin its "privatization."
The result will be the same: high taxes and no services.
An honest politician should NOT promise unattainable things , but follow one of the two models and promise to make it working.
In Europe: do you pay 68% of taxes?
Well with that kind of money the state will guarantee health ', education, services.
You do not want to pay? Well, you'll have a 'higher salary, but it's up to you to save for diseases, for the education of your son, for all the other services that the state does not provide you.
Why, dear citizen, since you cannot have a drunken wife and a bottle full of wine, the realistic promise that a serious political should make is that he will do everything possible to guarantee either lower taxes or services that work (for free).
I wish I could vote a politician who talks like this.
And also the majority of Italians, because, believe me, they are not as stupid they want us to believe ...

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