Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The financial weapons of mass destruction

Amphibious invasions, special forces, armored flanking maneuvers, missiles, guns, those are the traditional tools of war.
They cost a lot of money and easily cause casualties.
In today’s war the only weapons are financial—currencies, stocks, bonds and derivatives.
We are in a global financial war that uses currencies and capital markets instead of ships and planes.

Derivatives should be banned except for standardized exchange-traded futures with daily margin and well-capitalized clearinghouses.
Derivatives do not spread risk; they multiply it and concentrate it in a few too-big-to-fail hands.
Derivatives do not serve customers; they serve banks and dealers through high fees and poorly understood terms.
The models used to manage derivatives risk do not work and never will work because of the focus on net risk rather than gross risk.
Derivatives are nothing else than financial weapons of mass destruction.
And as long as Banks will be able to borrow money at a zero interest rate they won´t resist the temptation to use it to bet and destroy, as soldiers in a battle field.
As long as banks will be allowed to use people money to speculate, as long as politicians will bail them out when they fail, we won’t see neither peace nor progress.
Our future, our sons future, our grandsons future is at stake.
Our war, the war against slavery passes through the destruction of this banking system.

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