Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014? The year in which the small and medium sized company will put the big ones OUT OF BUSINESS...

In a globalized world, in an evermore bigger economic scenario, one would think, better, would be sure that a small company can, if not already done, begin thinking to be soon out of business.
How could a small guy, with limited resources, be competitive with giants and more than anything, how could he compete with low prices as the Chinese merchandize?
The answer one would expect is: impossible.
Pack and good bye.
But NEVER like TODAY, end of 2013 and beginning of a revolutionary year, 2014, the small and medium sized company, can believe in a revolutionary future.
Business Insider says it's "the next trillion dollar industry." The Economist has gone even further, comparing its history-changing impact to the steam engine and the printing press.
And the price has got so little than ANYBODY can actually afford one.
Too good to be true? NO, this invention could be "bigger than the internet."
I guess many have already understood what I am talking about, YES: the 3D printer.
What you need, as with any revolutionary invention, is imagination and ideas of how to use it, to produce the next killer application.

So, now you have it, your dream and the way to materialize it.

What you still need is the easy and fast way to find the lacking part of your business: your future customers.
And of course you need them now, if possible, so to say, yesterday...
The answer can be just one: the Internet.
The Internet can offer millions of customers, millions of people wanting to buy what you sell; there is just a small problem: finding them.
But that is a problem easily solved, if you know how and where to go.
In five minutes you can have all the list of possible customers, of people that want what you sell.
Imagine, in a few minutes being able to access a database that would require years to build, and more than anything so particularly detailed that you are sure every letter , every email, every word you will write, will address JUST the right guy, the one who wants to read it...and more than anything, who is willing to buy what you sell.

Too nice to be true? NO:click here

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