Sunday, December 15, 2013

The dream of a few has turned into the nightmare of many

The sect of the Europhiles is not flustered in the face of any failure.
Go ahead and always, on behalf of the United States of Europe.
Even if in the meantime the dream of a few has turned into the nightmare of many.
Even if you knew before , long before , that it would end like this.
They must integrate . While they say " integration" they have small orgasms.
The satanists integration. They want to penetrate each other.
Now they are doing the banking union .
Where Union means just one.
And who but a banker, as Gianluca Garbi , can defend a project to fuck the citizens in order to save the banks ?
All the billions that follow the religion of austerity , made of money were saved , by slashing , LTRO operations ( other small orgasms ) , spread ... all of this is money .
It is not true that the money burned : it simply changed hands .
And they are in the middle, make a ridge. Gnawe budgets , take millionaire bonuses, go to rape the "others", and their colleagues( or puppets) Draghi in Brussels , Papademos in Greece , Italy and Saccomanni in dealing with institutions , now reduced to condominium meetings , cut government spending, destroy domestic demand, selling everything even the Bank of Italy , and they use our money to pay off the balance sheets , to save giants doomed to failure, such as Monte dei Paschi , relying on our homes , our current accounts, savings supposed to be the future of our children.
All this they call it the great dream of a United States of Europe.
They refer to "our fathers" , who wanted to avoid a new century of wars.
But to avoid a war against a real enemy , they invented one that you can not win .
With the responsibility of top governments they removed the ability to decide .
And Brussels has taken the rest . 90 % of the laws now are from European Union.
That means that Parliament now decides on marginal issues.
To understand the Fiscal Compact and ESM you must go to the source , where a small group of anonymous bureaucrats , rubber-stamping of large financial interests , made of stone figures that have unpronounceable names, decide whether a large Italian industrial group should close or relocate, if 60 million people are prosperous or lose it all .

  Letta has to go home . Napolitano needs to go home, if he has one .
Italy must first of all be a spokesman for the Italian .
I do not know( better I KNOW) who speaks in the name of the Prime Minister when he wants more integration .
I do not know who speaks in the name of the President of the Republic when he writes books about Europe, when he warns in favor of the United States of Europe.
I speak on behalf of citizens who have a name, a last name and a face : economists , teachers, janitors , orderlies who lose their jobs , desperate people . People who cannot manage to get to the end of the month.
Napolitano reads and talks about something that is not there, a future that they wanted and that has never been , wanted by the elites who are not entitled to anything or anyone : dreams do not distribute assignments.
But surely he speaks on behalf of people who have no money problems.
He forgets that Italy IS the Italians.
So let the people decide , not four conspirators behind closed doors.

Liberally taken from Claudio Messora

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